What are the Different Types of Vaping Products?

The vaping industry was taken by storm with an immense rise in the different types of vaping products. The innovation in this industry has given vaping enthusiasts a new level of experience. Today, there are plenty of vaping products that provide extreme pleasure to vaping enthusiasts worldwide. The different vaping products available are categorized based on vapers. There are casual and extreme vaping enthusiasts who can choose the right one that fits those requirements. Below are the different types of vaping products that one can use for vaping purposes. If you are interested in buying vaping products, there are products available now at IndeJuice.

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E-cigarettes are the most popular vaping devices among all. These vaping devices are readily available and can be found in all leading stores and e-commerce sites. E-cigarettes are thin, slim and light in features allowing the user to carry it anywhere. These vaping devices can be consumed only once. You unpack the vaping device, start using it, and once done, you dispose of it. The readily available feature and easy to use mechanism have made this product very popular worldwide. If you are a casual vaper or are thinking about transitioning from smoking to vaping, this is the right vaping product.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of E-cigarettes:


  • E-cigarettes are small and easy to carry
  • These products are discreet and serve their purpose.
  • These products are very affordable.
  • E-Cigarettes are very easy to use and can be experienced by users anywhere.


  • Non-refillable products
  • Fewer flavor options

Pod Vapes

Pod Vapes are very similar to e-cigarettes but they are the 2nd generation and have some added features. Pod Vapes consist of two pieces: the tank and battery unit. If you’re interested in buying a vaporizer, then you might want to check out the Firefly 2 vs Pax 3 vaporizer comparison. This vaping device can be refilled once the e-liquid has been used from the tank. Pod Vapes are a better option over e-cigarettes as they are light and can be refilled easily. Pod Vapes are also very nominal in price, which has made it so popular among vaping enthusiasts. They are believed to be the best vaping devices for consuming nicotine salt e-liquid, offering superior nicotine delivery compared to traditional vaping devices.

The roor collection offers some of the best vaping devices along with a wide range of vaping bongs.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Pod Vapes:


  • Pod Vapes are one of the most comfortable vaping devices to operate.
  • It comes with refillable technology.
  • Ideal to experience superior quality vapes.
  • You can change the flat drip tips


  • The vapor production in this device is relatively low.
  • Batteries are small and require frequent charging.

Box Mods:

Box Mod Vapes is one of the most efficient vaping devices that have a larger size. They come with extended battery life and can be used to experience ultimate vaping. The performance of this vaping device is top-level, allowing users to manipulate temperature and resistance. The temperature wattage feature that is present in Box Mods allows users to influence the amount of vapor being created, which is a remarkable feature. The Box Mod vaping devices are for professionals who have been vaping for a very long time and look forward to a superior vaping experience.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Box Mods.


  • There is a comprehensive option of Box Mod vaping devices to choose from.
  • The Box Mod vaping device’s performance level is much higher when compared to e-cigarettes or Pod Vapes.
  • The battery capacity is extended to a greater level.
  • It comes with a replaceable tank feature.


  • These vaping devices are costly.
  • Box Mod vaping devices are large and sometimes difficult to carry.
  • There are too many features, and it is not advisable for new vaping enthusiasts.
  • The procedure for using the Box Mod vaping device is very confusing.