10 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

Whether you have an SUV or a classic mini, have you given any thought – and dedicated any space – as to what you might need should you ever break down and are awaiting a towing company or find yourself in unfamiliar territory?

Don’t worry! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it’s only then when most people realize they should have packed for any unforeseen emergencies. 

Water Bottles and Emergency Food

While being stranded for any prolonged period of time is exceptionally rare, roadblocks are less so. You don’t want to be stuck in the car hungry and thirsty while you wait for the traffic to dissipate and be back on your way. Choose foods that have long shelf lives, such as cereal bars or cookies. You could also try bringing 12 freeze dried meat buckets.

If your car is small and you have to choose between the two, water is your number one priority. You can last up to 12 weeks without food, but only around 3 days without water. To maintain the ability to drive after being held up, you must be hydrated to have full brain and body function. 

Critical phone numbers

Keep a list in your glove box with details and numbers for things like your car insurance company, towing company, mom, and dad. You’ll never know when you need them, and it is better to be safe than sorry. And if your car key is lost or broken, look into getting a replacement car key.


Not just for a winter’s night either, sometimes in the light of day, things can go missing in the darkest depths of the underside passenger seat, which you might need before you can be on your way. 

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Spare coat and suitable walking shoes

If you break down and find yourself in for a long wait for a towing company to reach you or you have to abandon your vehicle, you will want to ensure you’re prepared for any weather.


Splashback from HGVs on the highways can be hazardous as it impairs clear vision through the windshield. Water won’t help; you need something that will cut through the fine debris and grime, which will give safer driving conditions in poor weather. However, if you are one of those auto glass businesses that just started a new shop, you may contact windshield Leads generation professional to help you with this.


Hyperthermia isn’t just confined to cold countries; temperatures can drop rapidly at night in any season, anywhere in the world. 


There always seems to be a dip in cell reception and internet connection at critical times, never when you don’t need it. By keeping a map in your car, you can be confident that getting lost has a slim chance of happening.

Spare Tire 

It can happen to anyone at any time; a puncture or a flat tire. Having a spare will mitigate the risk of you being stuck when you can be on your way relatively simply. If you don’t have one, you can contact a towing service like the towing dublin service for help.

Jump Leads

If you find yourself in a position where the engine won’t turn over, jump leads can quickly get you out of the situation. 

First Aid Kit

It sounds so simple, but this is something everyone should keep in their car, for the kids, passers-by, or yourself. Band-aids, bandages, and safety pins are all useful items and handy to have at all times. 

Granted, you may not have the capacity to store many physical items within your vehicle; however, with careful consideration and prioritization from the list above, you will always be equipped should anything arise. Additionally, some items are a simple slip of paper which anyone can prepare.