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Woman working with attorney to fill out social security disability form.

How Much Money Can You Receive from Social Security Disability?

Applying for social security disability benefits can be a very difficult and frustrating process. Although the application process is simple enough, it is often the case that applicants are denied despite their qualifications for social security disability payments.  If your claim is denied the first time around, you can hire a social security lawyer in

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Medical Malpractice

How Court Systems Work Following An Arrest

The arrest is just the beginning in a long adventure into America’s legal system for millions of citizens each year. Although the process may seem confusing, there are some hints you can use to help yourself move through the process. From arrest to bail, once you understand how the structure works, you will know which

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Top Five Law Schools

Law schools differ in many ways because of how they are seen by the public and by students. Coming in at number one is Yale University is the best law school in the world. It has an enrollment of about six hundred thirty. The total for a full-time student a year accumulates to about sixty-six

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3 Niche Marketing Tips To Put Your Legal Practice On The Map

With over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States of America, attracting clients can be quite competitive. The rise of virtual lawyering and e-lawyering has introduced more options for consumers looking for legal advice and made it even more important that legal practices invest in digital marketing. To begin differentiating themselves, lawyers must choose a niche market- and

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