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Gateway Courses: The Key to College Success

Gateway courses are one of the best ways to ensure a strong start to any student’s college career. Defined as the first college-level course a student takes in a subject area, gateway courses have the power to alter the course of obtaining a degree for the better.  Nationally, only 16% of community college students complete

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Keeping Your Business Connected: Understanding Telecom Technology

Telecommunications technology has become an essential element in the functioning of businesses worldwide. The use of telecommunication networks facilitates communication, collaboration, and data transfer within organizations, as well as between them and their customers. It has revolutionized the way companies operate by providing remote access to employees, enabling real-time feedback from clients, and improving customer

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New York Influencer Hosts Live Social Media Conference

New York influencer, Valeriia Timoshova, organized the upcoming social media conference “Show Yourself” for platform growth and monetization. Manhattan, April 23, 4 pm – Social media enthusiasts will gather for the upcoming “Show Yourself” live conference organized and hosted by content creator and mentor Valeriia Timoshova. The conference will provide tools and tactics to teach

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