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Education in America

When a child is in school there is a certain curriculum that the school must follow. Schools in the United States follow the common core curriculum which sets certain standards for learning and a specific way to teach some of this information. Father George Rutler sees the importance of following this curriculum and encourages others

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How to Balance Co-Parenting Roles in a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to ravage through the world, day to day activities have been disrupted, and with lockdowns coming back in 2021, there’s very little evidence to suggest that things will get better this year. One of the most challenging things that divorced people have encountered during this pandemic is finding the custody balance for

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Visit Pripyat: Facts You Didn’t Know

The Chernobyl disaster is the largest man-made accident in human history. On the 26th of April, 1986, the world witnessed a terrible catastrophe, the consequences of which are still echoed. Still, some information about the disaster scares a lot of people who want to visit Chernobyl today. There are 5 shocking facts that very little

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Favorite Desserts

Every holiday season, Shalom Lamm would bring his kids down to the kitchen to bake some of his childhood favorites from babka to rugelach. Chocolate cinnamon rugelach with some coffee to wash it down to be exact. These delights are a balanced combination of cream cheese and butter dough filled with nuts, jams, or as

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Ways to Save Your Marriage During a Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, families are experiencing higher levels of stress due to financial instability, worry over medical concerns, feelings of isolation and lack of privacy, and even minor problems can seem unmanageable and overwhelming for even the most stable relationships.  All of these factors combine to create what feels like a failing relationship. So,

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