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Project Adventure: Why Choose Mystery Books for Kids?

“Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson The popular children’s mystery book series ‘Project Adventure’ by international author David Konrad is now available in a ebook box set. Four mystery books from the Project Adventure series will be included on the box set—The Heart of the Island, Rumble at the Zoo, The

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4 Ways To Support A Co-worker's Family When Death Occurs

4 Ways To Support A Co-worker’s Family When Death Occurs

When the unthinkable happens, it’s essential to be there for your co-workers in their time of need. If a friend or colleague passes away, your actions can profoundly impact the grieving family. Here are some ways you can support a co-worker and help them through this challenging time. 1- Volunteer to Help Out Around the

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Domestic Abuse and The Pandemic

Intimate partner violence spiked over the course of the pandemic. Across the country big cities saw at least a 10% increase in domestic violence reports, and calls to domestic abuse hotlines increased as much as 5x! Why did this happen? The two main theories as to why domestic violence incidents increased during the pandemic are

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How To Store Your Firewood

There is nothing that quite catches the romantic aura of sitting by a crackling fire  in winter or fall. To get to this Instagram-worthy moment, you need to get well seasoned firewood that will catch fire quickly and burn properly. The trouble is, you need to store that firewood somewhere and many people don’t know

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Top 7 Encyclopedia-Type Sites to Know

Looking for reliable, objective, authoritative information about a topic? Or are you searching for reliable information from experts? Take a look at some of the following sites.  These sites are well-known among internet searchers because they offer high-quality information with a high level of expertise. They also focus on the needs of their readers, so

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How Houses Were Made Back In The 19th Century

Construction is an extremely old activity made by humans. It started with the completely functional need for a controlled environment to protect against the effects of various weather conditions.  One approach by which people were able to adapt themselves to a huge range of weather conditions is constructed shelters.  Source However, the industrial revolution introduced

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