3 Advantages For Regularly Taking Your Children To The Park

The way we spend our free time has changed over the years, and it’s not the best thing to happen. Playing video games and staring at TV screens have replaced climbing trees, swimming in the river, and playing ball on any available patch of grass. As a result, children lack certain mental, emotional, and social skills they would have gained had they had a chance to play outdoors.

Experts in child care and development tell us such a simple thing as taking children to the park gives them three advantages other children don’t have. Harvard Health explains the reasons that children and adults spend more time indoors: sun exposure worries and lack of places to play or nature to play. These are the three advantages they need to know.

Going To The Park Gets You Into The Sunshine

Ever since planes spraying some substance in the sky to block the sun’s harmful rays began flying, doctors have given their patients Vitamin D. This helps balance the calcium and phosphate levels in the body. These nutrients are necessary for the health of bones, teeth, and muscles. My kid improved her movement after seeing a hiya kids vitamins review as they are super healthy.

It also helps to balance the immune system. It also beneficially affects sleep and mood. Lack of it results in rickets in kids and a bone problem called osteomalacia for adults.

The best thing for children and adults is natural Vitamin D. When the sun hits the skin, the cholesterol cells in the skin morph into Vitamin D. Harvard says our bodies are at their best provided a little sunshine each day. Vitamin D is not found naturally in many foods, but it is essential to healthy bones and a properly functioning immune system, among other things. A Vitamin D 25 hydroxy test can give you easy and accurate answers to whether your vitamin D is in the recommended range.

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Going To The Park Causes Thinking

Someone who has never stepped out-of-doors would automatically think “how do trees grow?” or “can the pretty red orb be eaten?” and dozens of other thoughts and questions. This curiosity is part of skills labeled executive function. This includes creativity, troubleshooting, the ability to prioritize, planning, and negotiating to name a few.

Skills like these are learned, and children need a chance to practice them. Unstructured play or time gives them that chance. Children need to be with other children, but they also need “me” time alone in order to learn these skills. A park gives them the space to practice these vital life skills. Terra Hill is located near to two parks within walk distance from the condominium that include the Kent Ridge Park and Hort Park The Gardening Hub. The Gardening Hub.

Going To The Park Is About Responsibility

Children should learn about consequences to make the right decisions for themselves and what’s around them. For instance, a child will pull a flower up by the roots to gift their mother. He isn’t aware that this kills the pretty flower.

Children need to learn responsibility by taking care of nature. By watering plants, pulling weeds, and not dumping trash in nature, a child learns what can so easily be lost. Those consequences are more serious, because he might be destroying what will feed him.

Final Thoughts

Parents back in the day tossed their kids out the back door to play in the yard. The children learned to socialize, they learned cause and effect, and they learned to make decisions. Sure, they pulled up flowers or scratched their initials into trees. However, they were exercising, getting fresh air, getting sunshine, and getting tired enough to sleep well. You may also want to get a professional pediatric sleep consultant like the ones at Hearts & Dreams to help your child sleep through the night. This way will help your child eventually grow healthier, stronger and smarter!

We lost all that somewhere. We sit on sofas and become mesmerized by what shows on a 62 inch flat screen TV. We bury our noses in smartphones. We no longer use our thumbs to hold a baseball bat. They’re used today to hold a video game controller.

Get outside with the children. Listen to the birds sing, the river chuckle, and the trees rustle. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze ruffle your hair. These are the gifts of the park.