3 Important Reasons to Re-Key Your New House

So, you’ve finally bought your first home! Congratulations! Now you need to re-key all the locks shortly before you move in and just after you have signed all the closing and titling paperwork. This may sound like a very odd thing to do, but there are some very good reasons why you should.

1. Improve Home Security

A home that has been lived in before may still have a key or two floating around out there. Keys that are found to belong to former abodes may end up being keys that break into homes to retrieve items or to steal. Most uncomfortable of all possibilities is the one where someone just enters your house randomly and puts your family in jeopardy.

Changing the locks and the keys means that the set of keys you were given at the closing of the house will no longer work. Any lost keys that resurface are of no concern if you have new locks and new keys. You can sleep more soundly at night knowing that this is not an issue. Find a reliable locksmith from locksmith services near you to change the locks in your home.

2. Putting on New Door Locks With New Keys Officially Makes the House Your Home

You chose the house. Now you can choose the door locks. There are dozens of styles, finishes, and means of locking a home, including Smart lock technology today. Changing the locks for something you like and prefer officially makes the house your own. If you when getting to this house you find no room for all your belongings, consider using a storage unit to keep all you do not need at home safe, to hire an unit just visit website.

Better yet, you can choose locks that require no keys at all. These keyless options are available for both deadbolts and regular door locks. They utilize keypads, biometric (i.e., fingerprint) technology, or smartphones as the unlocking devices. Some have manual overrides using keys, if you feel that you still need a key for every door in your home. Expert locksmiths can help install any of these locks and show you how to use them.

3. Even a Brand-New House Should Be Rekeyed

Did you have your home built from the ground up? Even a brand-new house should be re-keyed, especially if the house has been entered and re-entered by contractors and building crews and real estate agents. Any of them might have a key that has not been turned in and passed on to you. Most people don’t realize that these contractors and their crews are often given keys to come and go while the homes are built, which means there are a lot of free and extra keys roaming around. Call on a locksmith to put a new lock on every door and use new keys after you move in to maintain safety and security.

Don’t forget your garage too. Keys that enter side doors to the garage and/or lock the front folding door of the garage should be swapped out as well. Visit https://earlsfield-locksmith.co.uk/ and get in touch with the SMS Earlsfield Locksmith team to change all of these locks and retool the locks so that the current set of keys are not very useful anymore. Any locks that are easy to pick and open without the keys you currently have also present with their own set of dangers and should be replaced.

Lots of Reasons for Rekeying

There are lots of other reasons for rekeying your home and garage. However, not all of these reasons apply to a new homeowner. The above reasons are most applicable to your new situation.