3 Key Stretches before bed that will help your lower back

A considerable number of people experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Though not a life-threatening condition, it is pretty uncomfortable. A myriad of reasons causes back pain. Some of the reasons are lack of physical exercise, poor mobility, posture problems, poor sleeping positions, and muscle injury. It is detrimental to determine the actual cause of your lower back pain. Once identified, you can take the next course of action. Some back pains may require medical intervention, while others, simple exercises, stretches and a massage therapy like thai massage or deep tissue massage may help relieve this discomforting pain. Visit your local massage therapist for a lymphatic drainage massage service.

You need to seek back pain help from a medical practitioner before starting on stretches for lower back pain. One specialist is a chiropractor who recommends some natural treatment options to eradicate lower back pain, primarily if caused by an injury. You can absolutely read here some treatment options including massage therapy and physical therapy. Let us brush over some simple stretches that will help your lower back pain before bedtime.

1. Single knee-chest

Sometimes hip tightness is a major cause of back pain. The main goal is to stretch the hamstring, lower back, and glutes. To perform this stretch, you must lie on your back with one knee straight and the other knee bent. While at it, place your hands behind the leg and pull back towards your chest. You should start feeling some stretch down the back of the leg at this point. Place your hands over the bent knee and push towards the chest area. Hold for a minute and repeat the same process for the alternate leg. Continue with this for as long as you can, and you are guaranteed to have relief from lower back pain.

2. Pelvic tilt

Lack of core stability is a significant contributor to lower back pain. The best way to build this stability is to lie flat on the ground with the knees up, tighten the abdominal muscle. While in this position, press on the small of the back into the floor. Depending on your comfort, you may decide to put your hands behind your head or rest them by your side. Hold the contraction for a minimum of 20 seconds and repeat up to 10 times. When performing this stretch, be sure to keep your feet flat on the floor and shoulders pressed to the floor as well. You can complete the stretch from the comfort of your bedside. It guarantees relief from lower back pain.

3. Piriformis stretches

The piriformis runs through the glutes. Common lower back pain resulting from sitting for an extended period and driving is caused by this external rotator of the hip becoming tight.

To perform this stretch, you need to lie flat with one knee bent. Next, cross the ankle of the alternate leg to stretch over the bent knee. Pull the knee across towards the chest and repeat the same process while switching up your legs. Do this for a minimum of three to five rounds. This stretch is simple, and you can do it before bedtime for relief from lower back pain.

Final thoughts

Lower back pain is common, but it does not mean you have to live with it. You can buy dilaudid online overnight cheap without prescription to help alleviate the pain. Simple stretches such as the ones mentioned above can help relieve the pain. Identifying the cause of the lower back pain is the first step in solving the issue. More often than not, improving hip flexibility and lengthening back muscles will help in relieving back pain. For chronic pain, one should seek medical attention from a Chiropractor Edmonton.