3 Life Lessons ‘Out of the Box: A New World’ Taught Us

“Out of the Box: A New World” is the latest children’s book by best-selling author and children’s physiotherapist Lucia Matuonto, published by Relatable Media LLC. Alongside the fun and timely theme of the book are colorful illustrations by Hani V.

Out of the Box follows the story of a young boy named Noah who lives in Gray City. Noah, along with his sister Mila has lived in Gray City their whole life. Gray City is described to be a place with walls with no trees, full of factories, smog, and dirt; in short, it’s the most polluted place. One day, with the help of their dog Buster, Noah, and Mila stumble upon a Green Town, which is the opposite of what they currently live in. Green City is a place where there are trees, clean air, and energy is preserved and cultivated. Thanks to this discovery, Noah, and Mila, now try to make a change and help his hometown Gray Town. Will they be able to do it? 

Out of the Box is not only a short and fun read, but it is also rich in essential life advice to be pondered. Today, we will list down the life lessons Out of the Box taught us!

Strive for a greener life

This book features two contrasting worlds: Grey City, with no trees but smog, dirt, and pollution, and Green Town, whose quality of life is drastically better than in Grey City. Comparing it in today’s society is like comparing an urban city and a rural province. Undoubtedly, it isn’t easy to live in a place with pollutants here and there. It’s harder to focus and dangerous for one’s well-being. The inhabitants are also at risk of getting various diseases. A place like Green Town is like a breath of fresh air everyone should strive for.

Always go ‘’Out of the box.”

If not because of their dog, Buster, Noah, and Mila wouldn’t be able to discover a place like Green Town; they wouldn’t know that there’s a much better place than the world they’ve learned. The book encourages us to get out of our comfort zones, from the title itself, Out of the Box: A New World. We shouldn’t stay in our tiny cages; there’s much more to experience outside. Step out into the world and explore; you’ll never know what awaits you in your adventure. 

You’re not too young to make a change.

Lucia Matuonto perfectly crafted characters that can serve as role models for children. Noah and Mila’s determination to help change the world is an excellent motivator for kids and teens to take action. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to our environment. Everyone can make a change in their little ways. Out of the Box is the perfect book for young readers; it entails a hopeful message while tackling relevant issues like climate change.

Out of the Box: A New World is currently available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!