3 Marketing Ideas to Help Nonprofits Increase Year-End Giving

What if there was a way to increase the number of donations received by your organization during a given year? This is not an easy question, so here are three marketing ideas that could help nonprofits increase donations received during the year’s final weeks. One great idea is to plan a fundraising event. If you decide to hold a fundraiser, you may need to book a few suppliers including salsa fundraising services.

1- Look for Visual Ways to Demonstrate the Impact Your Donors’ Gifts Will Make

What if you could show how your organization could change a statistic in life for a child, an older adult, or even the environment? Wouldn’t this show the impact of money donated? These “impacts” could be individuals, neighborhoods, or the environment. The idea is to challenge donors to think about their donations as creating change in lives rather than just putting money into a bank account. This can show donors that they are making a difference with every donation. This is a great way to increase the donations you receive from this year’s campaigns. If your data shows that your organization is impacting lives, you want to capitalize on that interest and capture it for another year. Look for ways to showcase how you are making an impact through your organization’s work.

2- Analyze Your Results from the Previous Year

This is a great way to get new donors to consider returning. Make sure you offer them a reason to do so. This will take some planning, but it will be worth the effort. Collect feedback from your current donors and ask them what they want out of supporting your organization. Then provide them with what they want through e-mails, letters, phone calls or even a small personal visit to their home or office (don’t forget to bring the box of chocolates). This personal touch can be the difference between asking for donations again and never hearing from that donor again.

3- Produce a Professional Video Featuring Your Organization’s Mission and the Individuals It is Helping

A video does a great job of presenting the mission and vision of an organization. It also has the power to show donors that they are not just donating money but impacting lives. Videos should be created with professional equipment to avoid looking amateurish. Having this video completed can help you enroll new donors while showing current donors that you have a strong vision for the future and are willing to work hard to achieve it. You can use professionally produced videos on your website and social media pages and during annual fundraising campaigns.

Nonprofits use these marketing ideas to increase their donations during the year. If you are a nonprofit, don’t be afraid to tackle these marketing ideas and see if they work for your organization, get more ideas from this Roofing SEO BlackStorm Agency website. Discuss them with your staff and see if they can figure out a way to use them to promote your organization’s work. Go ahead, and prove that data does have the power we all thought it did. This will help your organization increase the number of donations received during this end year.