3 Tips for Working College Students

When you are a working college student it can be overwhelming to get motivated to complete what you want to do in a day. Often we will pick up bad habits that will make us sluggish in the afternoons which is where we end up scrolling down social media for hours. With this guide you will be able to work effectively and get more done each day. f you are looking for accessible college opportunities, check the  OSHA Outreach Courses.

Creating A Routine

Sticking to a routine is key to ultimate success. Making a routine can require some thinking but once you have a good one it can be easy to make it a habit. Whether you workout and have a shower before you start working or read for half an hour it can be good for your mental health to look after yourself. Consider checking out some College mental health resources to relax your mind. You will also find that you will complete more throughout the day as your mind will be in a better place. Having a planner by your side can ensure that you are sticking to schedule and be available to write down any tasks, thoughts and ideas that come to mind, otherwise your brain will be too clogged up to work effectively.

Having A Dedicated Workspace

Ensure that you have a space that you can designate with working. This will allow your brain to understand that when you sit in this area, you are here to work and will boost your motivation. Over time you may feel like you are struggling for a motivated mind set at a certain time in the day. It may be a good idea to change up your workspace in the afternoons when you are most lacking. For example you could visit your local coffee shop or sit on the balcony at your Ohio University Apartments to get some fresh air and a change of scenery as it can reset your mind.

Working from your bed shouldn’t be something to get in the habit of because it can make your sleep patterns irregular as it will not know when to switch off or when to work.

Setting Timers

Using an app on your phone to set a timer for around twenty minutes will give you that much needed boost that you need to get certain tasks done in a certain amount of time. For example when you are feeling low or unmotivated to write an essay, setting timers have been proven to make the task more of a game to get it done in time. 

You want to make sure that it isn’t too long or too short, twenty minutes is a good time to keep your mind interested. Over time you might want to extend the timer to suit your needs. If you need an extra boost then having something rewarding such as a snack at the end can be a good idea.

Hopefully, with these top three tips you will be able to get more tasks completed everyday as well as keeping your mind motivated to reduce the hours you spend staring into space feeling lost. Often when you feel more driven you will think of better ideas to ensure that you reach your goals.