3 Ways Register Control Systems Improve Commercial Printing

Register control systems are an important part of commercial printing because they ensure a higher level of quality, alignment, and accuracy, especially when the job requires a variety of colors. When you are creating prints, you know that even the slightest error can result in waste and cost you a wealth of time to redo the work. Utilizing a register control system can help to make the process more streamlined and ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want.

1- Cost Savings and Waste Reduction

One of the biggest reasons to use register control systems is to reduce both costs and waste. In the commercial printing industry, it is a major challenge to reduce waste, especially during the calibration and setup phases. Since the registration is accurate from the beginning with these systems, you are able to decrease how many test prints you have to do for the calibration process.

Register control systems reduce rejected reprints and prints because you are able to prevent print defects and misregistrations. This can save you a substantial amount of money that you can use to ensure the delivery of high-quality prints without needing to do a lot of reworking. Overall, these systems ensure a more sustainable operation with improved efficiency and profitability.

2- Color Registration Precision

When you are performing multicolor printing, these systems are vital in making sure that the color registration is highly accurate. When you are performing multicolor printing, each of the different colors is put on the image one layer at a time. If there is even a slight misalignment between any of the different colors, you will see issues like color bleeding, blurriness, and lack of sharpness.

The advanced software and sensors used in register control systems keep an eye on each color’s registration accuracy. They are constantly analyzing the paper position and making adjustments whenever they are necessary. This will make it so that you do not need to make manual adjustments and the automatic adjustments are precise so that the colors apply precisely.

3- Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

You will not have to manually intervene during the registration adjustment process since these systems automate it for you. Without a registered control system, a technician has to adjust the registration and align the colors precisely. This is a process that is labor-intensive and takes a lot of time. By automating these adjustments, the printing process goes much faster and is more accurate.

All of this makes it possible for workers to put their focus on production management and quality control. You will be able to use fewer resources to handle a larger volume of orders. This helps to boost your productivity and efficiency so that you can ensure timely deliveries of high-quality prints.

The commercial printing industry has been revolutionized by register control systems. They help to significantly increase productivity and efficiency, decrease waste, and provide an unmatched level of precision. Since you will reduce the need for reprints and waste, these systems can also save you a considerable amount of money, helping to improve profitability.