4 Different Wedding Dress styles you must try before picking the one

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want to look your best. This is why you want the right wedding dress. A good wedding dress can accomplish several things. It can show off your eye color and bring attention to your lovely figure.

The A Line

The A line dress is easy to spot in a crowd. It’s the dress that looks like the letter a. There’s a fitted top and then a trailing skit at the bottom. The a line wedding dress is very sought after by many brides. That is because this is one look that works for many body types. A woman can bring the eye to her attractive, shapely top. Women with long torsos can use this type of wedding dress to give a more fitted look along the center of their line. The sweeping skirt is girlish and yet sophisticated at the same time. It is one for the ages that looks great in any wedding pictures.

The Ballgown

One of the most popular of all wedding dress styles is the ballgown. Ballgowns are right for a formal wedding in an upscale location with lots of guests. This is the style that you want to have a fairy tale wedding with all the bells and whistles on your special day. This style is romantic and dreamy. It’s all about long lines that stretch from your shoulders and fine fabrics like lace, satin and silk. The dress in a ballgown style is one that has long train, a clinched in waist and a hemline that typically brushes past the ankles. If you are going for that look that says this is an occasion, this is kind of dress you’ll want to embrace.

The Mermaid

The mermaid dress is one that hugs the body but also allows for a fall of fabric. This look starts at the neckline and then hits the bust, the hips and the knees. After that, the dress has a tail at the end. This is one dress that many modern brides love having on hand. It’s a dress that is a good option for the woman who wants to show off her curves. If you have an hourglass figure with a large bustline and ample hips, you’ll want to consider this look for your own. Many brides like the train at the end as it allows them to move freely. That way, you can get on the dance floor and celebrate.

The Sheath

Sheaths are the modern, contemporary spin on the classic wedding dress. They are typically long tubes that hug the body closely. A sheath works for many types of wedding. You can go for a version with plenty of detailed lace and lots of hand embroidery. That is the perfect dress if you’re getting married in an ancient church or upscale hotel. A sheath can also work out nicely for the bride who wants to keep it to a more casual style. Look for fabrics like velvet that are understated and yet sublimely elegant. The sheath is typically a sleeveless look. You can have your own version made with the kind of neckline and sleeves you like best. Show off your cleavage with a plunging top.

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