4 Lessons From ‘Always a Princess’ by Clyve Rose

Always a Princess’ is a historical romance book written by international author Clyve Rose. It follows the story of Princess Syeira Brishen and Captain Warwick ‘Wil’ Clifton. When Syeira’s older brother Valkin, Romany Prince of the House of Brishen, got injured in a duel, Wil Clifton lends a hand and helps Syeira with his recovery. In doing so, the Brishen siblings, together with Janfri, their younger brother, must stay at Clifton’s estate temporarily while tending for Valkin’s full recovery.

If you’re looking for a sensual historical romance book that features Romany culture, then this book is for you. Check out some of the books key lessons:

Blood is thicker than water.

‘Always a Princess’ showed us that relationships within the family are vital. Of course, not every family is perfect and has a good relationship, but this book showed us that your family will always be there for you, especially in times of need. Princess Syeira would go to lengths to recover his brother Prince Valkin; the same goes with him to the whole Brishen family. To have that strong bond with your family feels like you can do anything in this world.

Herbal remedies come in handy.

Romany medicine is featured throughout the book. Princess Syeira herself is one of the best healers and has a lot of knowledge regarding the medicinal values of plants and herbs. From providing help on the headache to treating a person from a gunshot—Princess Syeira knows how to cure anything. ‘Always a Princess’ shows that knowing herbs and their values would help with first aid and even advanced treatments in the future.

Cultural differences

‘Always a Princess’ also tackls cultural differences and hierarchy of the time. As a Romany, Princess Syeira has always been wary of Englishmen. Even by doing things such as preparing remedies and giving aid, Syeira was met with judging eyes from Englishmen. The cultural difference was also present between the two leads, Princess Syeira and Captain Clifton, but that didn’t become a problem for both have come to respect each other’s traditions. Acceptance and being considerate made the two grow closer despite having differing worlds.

Be your own kind of princess.

Princess Syeira of the house of Brishen truly encapsulates the qualities of being a princess. Being a princess does not revolve only around having power and royalty. It does not revolve around having beautiful gowns and dresses. Your character and how you treat those around you are what matters the most. It is essential to note that kindness and bravery are the two main qualities of a princess. Be kind to yourself and other people and be brave enough to make choices to better everybody. Anyone can be a princess regardless of their status in life, race, or gender.

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