4 Reasons Why Flowers Make Women Happy

When a man messes up in a relationship and finds himself “in the doghouse” so to speak, one thing is for certain – someone, somewhere, is going to recommend for him to buy orchid flowers or roses to right his wrongdoings. Why flowers? Well, flowers are inarguably beautiful, for one thing. They also show admiration, romance, and they keep a smile on our faces for as long as they stay alive.

For me, it stems all the way back to my very first ballet recital. I remember the costumes, the song, and My mom being really mad when I chickened out of a number, but what I remember the most is my Dad bringing me a special bouquet of soft pink flowers – my very first.

So why else do flowers make women happy?

1. Flowers signify love

Different flowers symbolize different things – love, romance, happiness, prosperity. Even the different colors of roses can mean different things. We love to feel loved. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life of monogamy and monotony, so a loving reminder that we are someone’s romantic partner is always appreciated.

2. It’s thoughtful

It’s easy to stop at the supermarket for a case of beer or a loaf of bread. Well, every supermarket has a floral department, does it not? For you to stop in and pick out some flowers meant especially for us – that’s sweet. It shows that you were thinking of us.

3. They provide lasting joy

Some gifts are only meant to get a rise out of you once – and that’s when you open or receive it. The difference between those gifts and a bouquet of flowers is that there are different levels to the joy they bring us. First, it’s the rush of emotions that come from feeling loved and thought of. Then, we get to choose the right vase for whatever assortment you chose for us. Then after that, we get to spend the next several days either moving it around to whatever location pleases us most or just reveling in their beauty and the reminder that we are loved. Learn more facts about flowers at webwiki.

Flowers are the gift that keeps on giving. Men tend to think that buying a flower bouquet that will inevitably wither and die is a waste of money. Well, we enjoy it when you waste your money on us in this way, because it shows that you care enough to spend money on something that will bring a smile to our faces, even though the flowers only have a shelf-life of a few days. Now, with the help of a flower preservation service, these special flowers can be preserved so the recipient can keep them for much longer.

4. We deserve them

You don’t have to tell a woman she works hard and does it all for her family – trust me, she already knows. Sure, helping out with laundry and dishes is a great way to give her a small break and show appreciation. But a bouquet of flowers? That’s a foolproof way to show your love. When things get stale, it’s a nice, ethereal reminder of your appreciation for us.

After a bouquet of flowers die, there are still a few options for preserving their beauty. You can hang them somewhere to dry and keep them in a memory box, or you can save a single bud in between the pages of your favorite book, and keep it to look back on.