5 Common Reasons Trees Have to be Cut Down

Having trees is essential; you help reduce the world’s carbon footprint when you have trees. Trees are grown for various reasons; industrial, ecological and landscaping are just some. If you have trees in your property that contribute your landscape or home’s curb appeal, make sure it is well maintained by a tree care service company.

Eventually, trees are cut down for use in many industries. There will also come a time that different circumstances force you to cut down a tree. If you need help cutting them make sure you to call our tree experts which have been providing local tree services for 20 years.

It is evident that no one will cut down a tree without a justifiable reason, while at the same time, you will be given other reasons why you do not have to cut down the tree. Wondering if tree removal services are worth it? We will look at five non-commercial factors that will make you cut down a tree, and here they are:

1.    Dead Tree

A dead tree may look unattractive, and you can think it is not harmful. You can decide to ignore the dead tree and leave it standing; however, the dead tree can cause severe damages and injuries. The dead branches can easily break off and fall on pets, vehicles, and people. Without live roots, the tree can fall due to poor weather conditions and cause severe damages.

2.    Disease Infested Trees

The final solution for an infected tree is cutting it down. However, when the tree is partially infected, you need to start cutting down the infected branches. After cutting down the infected branches and the tree does not recover, you must consider cutting down the tree. Keep in mind that trees need regular treatment like an emerald ash borer treatment.

According to professional tree consultants, an infected tree is likely to infect other plants on your property make the situation worse. An infected tree is more likely to be infested by pests. The pests will eventually find their way to your house. The infected tree will ultimately die, forcing you to bring it down.

3.    Big tree growing near a structure

A very close tree to a house /structure is not good. It is common to believe that it affects the foundation making the foundation crack. On the other hand, when trees grow close to plumbing systems, their roots get attracted to the water. If you need tree removal, make sure you take out all the roots first.

The roots of the trees often block the pipes and lead to blockages. When the roots grow big, they are likely to affect garages, summer houses, and paving slabs by lifting them. When the tree grows close to a structure, they jeopardize the guttering and the roofs of the facilities. When you prune the trees and do not get a solution to the affected facility, the viable option is to call a tree professional from https://springfieldtreeremovalservice.com to cut it down.

4.    Tree bending in a direction

When you have a tree leaning in one direction, you need to ensure that you check that no damage will occur in case it falls. When a tree leans on one side, the weight gets shifted to that side. This extra strain on the tree makes the tree vulnerable to heavy winds, making it break. You need a tree removal service to bring down the tree before it causes any severe damage.

5.    Interior decay of the tree

Without the proper knowledge on spotting an internal decay, you may end up with expensive damages when a tree drops down. You need to consult a tree surgeon to advise you on which trees on your property have internal decay. A stitch in time saves nine; hence you need to ensure that you involve a professional tree service to check on your trees often. To keep your trees healthy and safe, B&T’s Tree Service is happy to provide you with a wide range of tree services.

Final thoughts

Trees are crucial to the ecosystem. It is good to plan and have a tree diagnosis to know what trees need to be brought down to avoid severe damages.