5 Fashion and Clothing Companies Doing Good in the World

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You know what can make that feeling every so much sweeter? Knowing that as you strut your stuff, you’re supporting one of the few clothing companies that are doing good in the world.

So many of the fashion brands out there rely on unethical labor sources and dubiously acquired textiles. In this article, we’ll list five sustainable clothing brands that are instead doing good in this world. That way, you’ll not only love what you wear, but love to represent the company that made it.

1. Tradlands

First up on our list is a company that’s based in one of the most progressive and sustainable locations in the United States: California. The outfits created by Tradlands are for women but are inspired by menswear.

Up to 98% of all materials owned by the company are used. Any material left over is immediately recycled. 

2. Sezane

Sezane lives in one of the world’s fashion capitals: France. The entire company is built around the minimalization of waste. Not only do they strive to use all materials they purchase, but they also forego retail and opt to leverage direct-to-consumer shopping. This cuts out an unnecessary middleman and reduces waste.

In addition, the company invests a percentage of its profits in a nonprofit organization they started called DEMAIN, which enables underprivileged children in Europe to access education in ways they never could have performed. If you are interested learning more about fashion, then you may visit sites like https://www.academyart.edu/art-degree/fashion/ for more info.

3. 31 Bits

31 Bits is a jewelry store based out of Uganda with branches in Indonesia as well as the United States. 31 Bits does a lot for the communities it’s based in. The company employs primarily women in repressed communities. And when these women find employment, these also find access to several resources sponsored by 31 Bits.

That includes therapeutic counseling, educational opportunities, financial planning advice, and much more. These services are funded by the company’s profits, so you know that every dollar you spend will have some of it go towards the benefit of a woman in Indonesia or Uganda.

In addition, the diamonds used in their jewelry are lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, but don’t support the corruption-tainted industry that is diamond mining. Lab grown diamonds are just as precious and hard as their earth-mined counterparts so the right diamond tooling services are required to cut and polish them.

4. Encircled

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Encircled has committed to using only 100% recycled material in all of its paper outputs. Sustainable fashion brands like this one ensure that all textiles used are eco-sourced fabrics, which means that any company they buy from implements ethical practices to mine the textile.

5. Cuyana

Cuyana is very much a modern, forward-thinking clothing brand. The target customer for Cuyana is the modern, minimalist woman who foregoes the frills and laces for simple, stylish, practical womenswear that will look good on you. 

The sustainable fashion brand sources material from eco-friendly factories across Europe and the United States and it’s also started a philanthropic initiative called Lean Closet. This facilitates the donation of clothing that you no longer need to poor communities.

Sustainable Clothing Companies Are the Future

All of these clothing companies are not only on the cutting edge of fashion but also employ ethical practices to make their products. Ethical clothing brands like these are a shining example of the truth that neither quality nor price has to be sacrificed when a company’s operations treat both this world and the people in it with respect.