5 Fun Keep-Fit Activities That Don’t Take Up Much Time

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If you are a career-minded person who doesn’t have enough hours in the day, keeping in shape can be challenging at best and downright impossible at worst. Those who are work-driven will find excuses why they don’t have an exercise program in place, yet here are a few ideas that can be practiced just about anywhere, at any time.

  1. 15 Minute Floor Routine – All you need is a few square metres of space and you can do a 15-minute routine that begins with stretches, bending, squatting, then moves to the upper body. If you do this morning and evening, your body is getting adequate exercise, and to bring in the fun aspect, watch a YouTube workout video, or watch yourself in a full-length mirror. To effectively perform this exercise, you may want to try squat racks for best results.
  2. Jogging Machine – Many office-bound people use a jogging machine, such as a curved treadmill which has multiple settings, is east to use, and folds away when not required. Listen to your favourite tunes while pounding away the yards on a state-of-the-art jogging platform, and a visit to the online sport store will lead you to affordable running clothes and other things you might need.
  3. Skipping – This is a fun way to stay in shape and you will be surprised at how much energy is required to skip for a few minutes. Search online for a decent skipping rope, one that is the right length for you, and after a while, you’ll become very good and can introduce a few tricks like switching and crossing the rope over. Skipping goes great with listening to music, so create a few MP3 playlists and use your sports earphones with the best bluetooth hearing protection to tune in while skipping.
  4. Swimming – Of course, if you have your own pool from watersidepool scapes they’re a reputable Houston Pool Builder, they’ve been creating trends with incredible swimming pool design, this is a great way to stay in shape, and if not, there should be a public pool nearby, or if you are member of the local social club, you can use their pool and have a sauna after. Start with a distance you’re comfortable with, then gradually increase the distance, and if your technique leaves a lot to be desired, have a few swimming lessons, when the instructor will teach you breathing techniques and stroke movements. You’ll be ready for the beach, with your beach body and that sustainable swimwear once you’ve mastered swimming.
  5. Basketball – If you install a hoop in the garden, a short spell every day will keep you in shape, and it is fun if you get into it, go to this web-site for more info about the basketball equipment that you might want to add in your play space. Playing against a friend or a team increases the fun aspect, plus you can video each team attempting wild baskets. The online supplier would have basketball sets that include the hoop, the ball and custom team jerseys, which are really all you need, and with online prices around 15-25% cheaper, shopping online gives you more value for money.

It might be a struggle to get started, but if you put in the effort, you will be glad that you did, and as time passes, your fitness levels will improve and you can even protect your ankles when training by using a ankle brace that really help with this. The fun aspect is very important, as this gives us the motivation to get physical, so do choose an activity that gives you pleasure, and you win all-round.