5 Home Improvement Projects to Complete this Spring

Spring has actually arrived! The warmer weather is an excellent chance to spruce up your house before the summer heat arrives. Now would be the time to inspect your home for winter damage and create a maintenance checklist. The Christian Brothers Roofing team says that regular inspections are highly recommended, and how many times you should repeat the process will depend on the overall condition of the house and the all-yeard-around weather conditions. If there are any repairs you don’t have the skills or tools for, you may hire a handyman to help you out.

What are the most important home renovation projects to address this spring? It can be challenging to know where to begin, so here are five home improvement projects you should tackle this spring.

Repair Your Roofing

Your roof is one of the most valuable components of your home. It’s your first line of defense against adverse weather conditions and unwanted critters. This only means that you need to make sure that your roof is protected so it it can keep protecting you. Get a roofing services company to repair or give it a roof coating as an added layer of defense.

A relatively minor problem on the roof of your house will escalate if left unaddressed, threatening the structural integrity of your walls and attic. Never delay a roof repair as this would ensure that the damage won’t worsen and will not result to more costly repairs. Re roofing with tiles offer an environmentally friendly material as they are made from natural materials only, rather than chemicals.

Get professional roofers to inspect the roof visually for water leakage, sagging, decaying boards, curled corners, and broken or missing shingles. Check out this article and read about ‘What is a sagging roof?’. If the shingles are waterlogged, cracked, or mossy, you should replace them. If the roof requires some new upgrades, you may opt for roofing options such as a metal roofing installation.

Clean the Gutters

To do the gutter cleaning properly, remove any litter accumulated in your downspouts and gutters during autumn and winter, like leaves, twigs, and pine needles. Then, wash the gutters with water to locate any leakage or standing water. Minor leakage can be fixed with gutter sealant, and a drain issue can be resolved by making minor changes to the angle of your gutters.

If the gutters have significant cracks and loose seams, it’s probably more cost-effective to get a new gutter installation rather than fix them. A rain gutter installation can help prevent stagnant water that may trigger rotting wooden window sills, peeling paint in the siding, and accumulation of water around your home’s base, causing mold growth and water damage.

Update the Siding

The siding not only adds charm and curb appeal to your house but also plays an important part in keeping your home well-insulated and waterproof. Moisture will seep behind broken, scratched, bent, or holed siding, causing significant water damage to the interior walls. Keep an eye out for any signs of dry rot, mold, rust, algae, or mildew on your siding.

Several tiny holes in wood siding can mean that destructive bugs like termites or carpenter ants have penetrated it. Besides, the broken or old siding will not adequately insulate the house from the winter cold and the summer heat, resulting in high energy bills. Consider a siding repair or replacement if needed.

Replacing your siding can significantly improve your house’s look, but it is not always a straightforward choice. There are several siding choices to choose from including a vinyl siding, each with its own set of advantages. Fiber-cement, wood, and metal are the three basic forms. Whatever siding material you opt for, consider the cost, dependability, environmental responsibility, and ongoing maintenance.

AC Inspection

Servicing your air conditioning unit will save energy and extend your unit’s lifespan, thus saving you cash by reducing your power costs and repair expenses. Also, HVAC cleaning improves indoor air quality by having the dust that accumulated inside your unit removed, thus making you breathe easier. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have an air conditioning services technician perform routine AC tune-ups during spring. He may also recommend an extensive air conditioning repair if there are damages to your unit.

Experts from coolmaxheatingandair.com will astound you with their professionalism and systematic approach in air conditioning repair. Hiring them would be a huge game-changer for a clean breathable air in your home.


Spring is an excellent time to get a fencing like a vinyl fence installation. Since the ground will not be frozen, it will be a less time-consuming operation. Having a fence installation is an excellent way to define and personalize your outdoor area. Using perforated metal for your new fence is recommended. It is not only durable and lightweight but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. If you consider gardening or landscaping, put up a perimeter security fence made up of small trees and bushes. A wood fence will also improve your home’s functionality- it is effective in keeping small children and pets from wandering away. If you are looking for affordable tree removal service in the Bronx, Tree Company Bronx is ready to serve you, more information explained here.

These are only a few spring home renovation projects, but they serve as an excellent launching pad for additional summer projects. We trust that our home repair guide will assist you in preparing for the summer.