5 Ways Travel Companies Can Offer Interesting Services and Stay in the Game

As per Scottsdale hotels, Travel agencies may be struggling under the weight of the internet’s convenience, but there are certainly still ways to combat this and remain in the game. Here, we’ve listed five ideas for how a travel agency could branch out.

  1. Offer luxury information

Your travel agency doesn’t have to cater simply to the everyday holidaymaker – you should make sure to offer information for every kind of holiday. Just as much as one person might want to know the best beach to take a dog to, another prospective holidaymaker may want to know about the best private jet charter companies to help them give their holiday that luxury feel. Branching out on the information you provide makes you a more diverse business with a much wider range of target demographics.

  1. Offer unique views of your locations

It’s easy to google a location online and see a million different variations of the same photo, but it’s hard to get an idea of the surrounding area this way. In order to provide a unique perspective on the locations you offer holidays in, rent a drone from Volatusdrones.com to film sweeping aerial footage of the area to allow your client to get a real feel for the destinations they are considering. As well as being useful for customers, this will be great footage to use on your adverts and website. If you are looking for a unique location, you may contact Multi Day Alaska Charters and enjoy “The Last Frontier” and other attractions.

  1. Provide niche guides about the area

Everyone provides guides to the best local attractions, the best beaches, as well as the best restaurant and private group tour packages – so shouldn’t you provide something a little more niche and tuned in to the modern traveller? A guide to the best vegan ice cream shops in Italy, for example, or the best secret floatplane attraction that offers professional floatplane training courses?

  1. Provide luxury services for premium customers

In the films, we always see the rich and famous simply mentioning that they need a vacation, and half an hour later are handed a fully booked itinerary by an overworked assistant. While nobody can offer that level of service, you could offer a premium service to customers willing to pay a little extra; instead of just advising them on the best plan and helping them book their travel, instead offer for them to send you your calendar and you book everything for them in line with their existing schedule without them having to worry about it again until it’s time to get on the plane. You can book their hotel accommodations, airport transportation, car rental, etc.

  1. Offer a call out service

Everybody knows that the days of the humble travel agent are almost over – everything is online now, and there is simply no need to go to speak to a travel agent to book simple tickets and accommodation. However, there is nothing quite like a personal meeting, so it might be a good idea to offer your customers a service where you come to meet with them to discuss what they want from their trip in the same way that a wedding planner or designer might do. This could be a service you offer for more complex, long term, or expensive trips as well as perfectly tailored weekend getaways.

The internet has made planning a getaway substantially easier – but travel agencies who play their cards right may still have a role to play.