6 CBD Beauty Trends & Alterations on the Horizon

CBD in beauty products is a booming trend that is here to stay. For years, the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids have become the go-to solution for everything from relaxation, sleeplessness to stress. 

Once the stuff of harsh chemicals, today’s beauty products have evolved to offer gentle, natural, holistic ingredients, with CBD at the forefront of a massive global health and wellness movement. Visit groenerekenkamer.com/ for more interesting men beauty tips, like how to keep beard hair from sticking out

CBD is already creating a buzz as the leading holistic ingredient in today’s must-have beauty products made with natural ingredients. From using THC O products, Sunday Scaries gummies, to CBD lotions, it’s all the rage!

This bold evolution of CBD beauty is poised to become the #1 pioneer in tomorrow’s emerging, top trends.

  1. Customers Demand a Natural Glow

A new skincare study from Prohibition Partners called “The Impact Series: Disrupting Beauty” reports CBD beauty products will reach $959 million in sales by 2024. 

Backed by science as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant, a study by ProjectCBD.org shows beneficial antioxidants along with the presence of essential amino acids within skincare products. 

Due to its natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties, CBD beauty products such as vegan CBD eye serum and natural cbd lipstick gift set will become the norm for all companies, big or small. Add in the presence of CBD, brimming with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and your skin will glow.

     2. CBD Infused Make-Up for Better Skin 

Famous for its regenerative power for every skin type, CBD makeup is the perfect solution for sensitive or acne-prone issues. CBD works hand-in-hand with your skin, reducing inflammation with its use.  

CBD in beauty products such as topical lotions are proven to benefit your skin, and natural products are the leading consumer purchase in the US today. Add in the soothing benefits of CBD to your makeup’s smooth perfect coverage, and CBD makeup is one trend that is sure to take off as fast as your favorite BB moisturizer! 

       3. CBD Topical Products Gaining Popularity Due To Stress Relieving Properties 

In the ever-evolving modern world, consumers are looking for products that do double or triple duty. CBD-infused topical formulations are planned for bigger rollouts from companies such as CVS, Walgreens, and Sephora. 

Though some of the largest beauty firms in the world are just not beginning to research and offer CBD beauty pockets or beyond your makeup needs, the prominence of CBD in your products will take some time to go large. Evolving international laws, studies, and public education still offer challenges.

Dermatology Times reports, “CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory property, which can benefit the skin, and it can also reduce oil production, provide moisture and relieve pain and itching.”

     4. Disruption in the Beauty Market is a Predictor of Growth

Today, CBD in beauty products is a disrupter of a traditional business segment. With growth predicted in the beauty sector, it’s essential to realize that small, independent firms will benefit from the CBD beauty boom alongside international companies.

Reports show that small boutique firms tend to lead the way for disruption and growth in any industry. 

Major beauty corporations are open to innovative smaller firms and offer corporate venture capital, incubator programs, and start-up alliances. With a perfect storm of intrigued consumers and large beauty firms looking for the next big thing, CBD will be the future of this industry for generations to come.

      5. Big Hair is CBD Big Business

Men and women both yearn for shiny, healthy hair. A medical study in PubMed reports CBD when massaged into your scalp, soothes not only scalp dryness but also promotes hair growth. This abstract scientific states the “cannabinoid system is a key player in cell growth control.”

In the US, the hair industry in 2017 was worth about $85.5 billion and expected to grow to $103 billion by 2024. This boom accounts for all hair products, from shampoos to conditioners to treatments to color.

With CBD in hair products in its infancy, the hair segment grows exponentially in the next few years. Statista clearly shows in the 2019 study, CBD hair products are currently only 11 percent of the entire CBD beauty category. These CBD hair products will grow significantly along with the beauty segment overall.

      6. Microencapsulation 

Consumers are becoming more educated about CBD products every day. Soon, a customer will want their CBD products’ results upon their body to be precisely honed. As the beauty industry adds more CBD to all kinds of products, there will be a need to provide clients transparency about their items. 

The process of microencapsulation refers to the efficacy of CBD in any beauty or other product. This process is used with CBD to create minuscule particles that can reach more of your body, so the benefits are more substantial and broader. With microencapsulation, the CBD is more bioavailable and offers more beneficial results.

Future Breakthroughs

Our ‘Six CBD Beauty Trends & Breakthroughs On The Horizon’ offers current trends and future CBD evolutions in products.

The growth trends and predictions for CBD beauty products are a powerful indicator that CBD beauty products are here to stay!