6 Mistakes to Avoid for Opening an Occupational Therapy Office

Venturing out on your own and starting a business is an exciting time. Choosing to open your own occupational therapy office can be a rewarding experience to help others while doing what you love.

There are many considerations that need to be made when starting any business, including if you decide to create your own practice. Here are the top six mistakes to avoid when opening an occupational therapy office.

1- Failure to Create a Grand Opening Plan

When businesses are gearing up for their grand opening, there is usually too much emphasis placed on preparing the space and not enough attention on creating a launch plan to market and promote the opening. Marketing your grand opening is the difference between getting clients in the door or having no one show up. Create a grand opening plan that includes how you will get the word out that you’re open for business at least a few months before your opening date. This way you’ll have enough time to create necessary promotional materials, find other people or businesses to partner with, or start local advertising for your grand opening.

2- Cutting Corners on Quality Equipment

It’s understandable to try cutting corners when it comes to the budget. We want to save where we can, especially when starting a new business. However, one of the biggest mistakes when opening an occupational therapy office is not investing in quality equipment. Your occupational therapy equipment can make the difference between an exceptional experience at your new business or a disappointing one. Invest in quality and reliable equipment for your occupational therapy office which will last longer than lesser quality options in addition to providing better service to your clients.

3- Avoiding Paid Advertising

Another expense that businesses are scared of investing in is advertising. When you’re a new business that’s just starting out, no one knows who you are or that you exist. Advertising is the shortcut to getting in front of a large enough audience in hopes that some of them visit your new business. Paid advertising can be online, in print, on local TV, in flyers, or on local radio. No matter which avenue you choose to advertise in, set aside a part of your startup budget for advertising to give your new business the best chance of success at the grand opening.

4- Lack of an Internet Presence

Everyone is online these days. A lack of an online presence means your business doesn’t have a website, the address is not in online maps, you don’t have social media, and you’re not listed in online directories. Having an online presence is important for people to find your business and also read more about you so they can decide if they want to visit you. If you don’t have a digital presence then people won’t know who you are and will go to the competition instead.

5- Failure to Get Proper Business Paperwork

You may have the necessary licenses or credentials to be an occupational therapist, but you also have to get the correct business, financial, and legal paperwork to open your business as well. A business license, incorporation, and business bank account are typical kinds of items you’ll likely need depending on your state and practice. Depending on your location, you may need to get insurance for your office or special city permits for the space. Make sure that all of your paperwork is in order before opening your new occupational therapy office to avoid any penalties or fines.

6- Choosing a Location That’s Difficult for Clients to Visit

It’s important to choose a location for your office that’s easy for clients to get to. This makes repeat business possible because you’ve made the process easy for them. Make sure that you avoid a location that has little or difficult parking, stairs, or lack of an elevator, and need to go a long distance between the parking and your office. All of these small logistical matters add up when we start to think about the overall customer experience with your new occupational therapy office. Platinum Elevators in Melbourne offer a range of commercial lifts options for your business. Regular elevator maintenance, such as from a service like https://lift-maintenance-repair.co.uk/, is crucial for client accessibility.

Starting your own occupational therapy practice is rewarding yet challenging. There are many considerations and actions to take into account when opening your own occupational therapy office, but the experience of being able to help clients while running your own business is the biggest reward.