6 Storage Mistakes You Should Never Make

When you undertake the task of moving some of your items into a self storage unit, you need to ensure that you are not making any rookie errors. This can be costly and cause inconveniences, so take a look at how to avoid such an unfortunate situation. 

1. Forget to Insure Your Belongings

It is best that any item that you part with is insured. In a similar way to how your home insurance works, anything within your home is insured so if it is stolen or damaged, you can claim back. This is the same when you put things into storage.

Although insurance prices differ depending on the quantity of the items and the value of them. If anything gets damaged or there are any problems, you know that you have your insurance to cover.

2. Use Incorrect Storage (overpay or underpay for climate controlled, inside, outside, etc.) 

If you do not know exactly what you need to use, then you could be overpaying for what you need. If you have opted for a climate controlled unit but do not really need to, then you may be paying more than you should.

If you are not sure what type of unit you need, you should consider talking to a storage professional who can assist you. 

3. Don’t check reviews online 

If you forget to do your research you could be stuck. If you are making uninformed decisions about who you choose to look after your items, you could be making a big mistake. Check to see exactly what other people are saying and read them in fine detail.

Afterall, the problems could lie in the small details, so read thoroughly, ensure that you are ticking off all the dos and don’ts on your lists to make the best possible decision. 

4. Don’t buy a good lock 

You want to ensure that you have a lock that is impenetrable. You want to ensure that the items are properly secure and this can be done with an impressive lock. Look into the best ones for your unit because without this, you may be more likely to incur some type of issue or problem. 

5. Don’t list what’s being stored 

Making an inventory is a very important step to undertake. As you would as an owner of s shop, keeping a list of every item being stored will allow you to stay on top of things, and if anything is missing or something has been broken, you can flag this up with the workers.

You want to ensure that you also know exactly what you have in the unit. 

6. Don’t inspect the unit before storing their belongings there

You need to ensure that there are not any damages or problems with the unit yourself before committing to using it. Does it feel right? Is it big enough? Are there any damages? It’s vital to look at everything in detail first.

Do your research first and foremost, then followed by being organized and ensuring that your inventory is up to date and detailed. You need to make sure that it feels right so choose a company that feels right, who are friendly and reliable, and take the pressure off you and keep your home or office space tidy!