6 Tips for Hiring Reliable Employees

The hiring process for any company is a lengthy, and in-depth ordeal. Not only do you have to advertise in the right places to garner the right caliber of potential employees, but you have to act fast, and make judgements based off of very little information. 

The process can be long and costly; occasionally the hired person isn’t the ideal person for the job, but often you run out of time. So how do you make sure to hire the best employee to fit your company? A recruiting solution from an employment agency can help you hire an employee that has relevant skills and will also fit into your business’s culture and team

Job Advertising 

Instead of posting generic content, look at what makes your company unique from other companies, and emphasize that throughout the job description. You can always find somebody at least remotely experienced in a specific field, but think about your brand, and how well that candidate would work with the people already in your company. 

Think about any job perks you provide, and who that would attract, such as allowing them to wear casual clothes to work on a certain day. This plays a large part in the vibe and culture of your company and says a lot about how you work professionally, but you also care about the comfort and preferences of your employees.

Hiring new people is a two-way street; the pool of candidates should be impressive to you, but you want to be impressive to them as well.

Interviews and Testing

To narrow down your group of candidates, prepare the right questions for the interviewees. It will surprise you what certain questions will reveal about a person; for example, the creative question of asking someone what animal they could be and why, tells a lot about their character and what principles they value.

How to conduct an interview changes from business to business. You might choose to have informal conversations over coffee rather than hold a meeting around a table with other coworkers in a formal setting, or maybe it’s best to hold the traditional, formal interview in order to accurately weigh how quickly this employee will integrate with your company. In either case, help the interviewee feel comfortable so you can get a better feel for their personality and character.

Hard skills tests are useful for businesses to quickly slim down the candidate lists. Consider the ratio of personality to skill you need to have to fill the spot in your company. For example, if you had a shop assistant, would you need a three-stage interview, or would you go quickly interview them before testing their skills? Make your assessments interesting and relevant.

Background Checks

Background checks are essential for the safety of your business. The results help you determine the integrity, and fit of the person for your company. Online background checks make it convenient, efficient, and will get the answers you need. 

Use the personal references listed on the resumes. Many recruitment offices don’t bother to corroborate the references, which could mean you are potentially missing out on some useful information about one of the candidates. 

Chemistry Testing 

Your office already has an established culture within it, so you need to carefully assess that the candidate has similar values and work-ethic to fit well with your team. 

One option for assessing this is to invite your potential candidates to meet with the team they would be working with to either observe and interact with the employees, or to have a few minutes to casually get to know each other over pizza. Your team will be able to give you valuable feedback about if they think that person is a good fit for the team or not. Some may also used the employee feedback software for better employment.


Some candidates may not have all of the qualifications that you’re seeking, but they might also have really good potential. If you’re unsure how quickly they would respond to the training, consider putting their resume aside for another hiring spree, and extend the offer to someone who better fits your company needs. 

It is more often the case that employees with degrees are hired without the entire skill set, because the company knows the employee can learn fast, and harmony within the company is often harder to come by.


Take a chance in the interview to delineate exactly what they can expect from you and from your company. You want to package the information so it is still appealing, but don’t hold back the important details that will help distinguish those that are prepared for the task, and those who might sluff off.

Using these points to set expectations and really get to know your candidates should help reduce confusion, and ensure that you are bringing in someone who will be a valuable, and reliable asset to your company.