7 Design Tips for Renovating a High School Chemistry Lab

Different projects can take place in a school setting, and one of them is renovating the chemistry lab. The renovation process is supposed to be less disruptive to the staff and students.

Some of the design tips to adhere to during the renovation of the school chemistry lab include:

1.    Accurate Information Should be Presented Before the Project Commences

When starting a project, it is good to ensure the specifications are not outdated. Lack of information should also be avoided. While planning the project, the latest floor plans should be verified, and the permit requirements and electrical information. If the designers and contractors request any other information, it should also be verified. If you own a construction company, you better have contractor insurance that contains several types of coverage to protect your business in case of lawsuits, equipment damages, worker injuries, and more, before starting the project.

2.    Incentives Should be Used During the Construction Phase

The contract should have a clause that provides financial incentives for each contractor such that the renovation project will be completed on time. Some schools use incentives to their advantage such that the project will be completed earlier than expected. Others issue a penalty each day the project exceeds the completion time. Calling in electrician perth to make sure everything power related is in place is a good idea.

3.    A Cross-Functional Team Should be Deployed During the Renovation Planning

The renovation team should comprise design professionals, contractors, construction management professionals, and high school representatives. The team should communicate openly and work together to eradicate all the issues present. They should also provide information that will ensure the project is completed on time. Each member of the team should have good communication skills. They should also stick to the budget.

4.    You Should Use Mobile Storage for Tools, Equipment, and Other Materials

When you unload materials, equipment, and tools usually takes a considerable amount of time which could be used to carry out some constructive work. If there is a case of theft at the Jobsite, there will be delays considering the inventory also has to be replaced. Installing Interior Protection wraps should also be considered to avoid damaging parts of the laboratory that won’t be renovated.

5.    Store Fixtures Should Be Present in the Portable Storage Containers

When the construction team has to move the fixtures present at the Jobsite, a lot of time is wasted. Before the project commences, everything should be transitioned in the lab that is being renovated and taken to a portable storage unit placed at one of the unused corners in the school. You can also visit website if you need new sartorius scales for your chemistry lab.

The storage unit should be secure, locked and labeled using  liquid nitrogen labels. It can resemble a shipping container, and the risk of theft will reduce significantly as the renovation project takes place.

6.    Budgeting is an Important Part of the Renovation Project

Construction documents come in handy such that it is possible to visualize the final product. The main issue that arises is that the actual building conditions never reflect on the record documents. As a result, the funds and time for the planning stage should be jotted down. Accurate information ensures you can save a significant amount of money during the construction phase which you can use to purchase used lab equipment for sale.

A project that entails renovating a lab is unique, which means the on-site investigation’s scope usually varies. At times, simple observation is all you need such that you’ll get to learn about the unforeseen conditions that need to be investigated further.

The investigation phase is less expensive as compared to handling unknown conditions during the construction phase.

7.    Carry Out an On-Site Investigation

An on-site investigation comes in handy such that all the underlying issues will be detected. It is easy to handle an issue you’re knowledgeable about compared to coming across some problems later on when the construction project has already commenced.

Final Thoughts

For the renovation project to progress seamlessly, you should adhere to each of the tips listed above. When you carry out an investigation before the renovation process, you’ll manage to save a considerable sum of money.