7 Patch Display Ideas to Show Off Your Souvenirs

Patches are a fun way to show off your individuality, experiences, and passions to everyone that lays eyes on them.

Few other collective items give your friends and family members an understanding of your style.

What better way to showcase all the patches you’ve acquired than by creating a place to display them all? You’ll have them in one place and somewhere that you can display them to your liking. 

Whether you knew it or not, there are several different ways that you can display your patches.

Here are a few awesome ideas for a patch display to get you started!

1. Banner

You may be looking for a way to show off your entire patch collection without placing them on a personal piece (such as a hat, jeans, etc.). If so, hang them from the rafters with a self-designed banner!

Simply grab some felt and cut it into whatever banner shape you would like. 

From there, you have the option of either sewing or ironing the patches onto your banners in any order that you’d like, if you do not know how to sew you can take sewing classes Melbourne to learn and do it yourself.

A banner is a great way to show off your collection and style with a piece that fits the theme of all the patches you place on it.

Now, anytime someone walks into your room, they’ll notice all the achievements you’ve had and the places you’ve been.

2. Backpack

Maybe you want to show your patches off everywhere you go.

If so, sewing them onto your backpack shows your fondness of adventure and makes your bag into a unique and trendy piece.

Either place them on one of your favorite backpacks at home or find a new bag that can serve as a “blank canvas” for your patches. 

It’s suggested that you sew the patches on a backpack instead of ironing them, as some fabrics don’t do well under excessive heat.

3. Blanket

One of the best things that you can do to admire your patch collection is to place them on a premium weighted blanket – hush weighted blanket reviews that you cuddle up with every night.

You can also keep it as a blanket for guests to use in the living room, which is sure to spark a night filled with conversation.

Now you have a comfy, heavy blanket to use for the long winter months.

Find the comfiest quilt blanket and sew all your patches onto it!

4. Frame Them!

Did you think frames were just for pretty pictures and paintings? They’re also a great way to show off your patch collection.

Find a frame that’s deep enough (and sturdy enough) to hold a shadow box in it. 

You can then use this display to fill empty wall space in your home or office. There’s nothing wrong with separating the patches into several different displays!

Find the patches that best fit with the design of your wall or bookshelf and place them in a frame to compliment the set.

The beauty of it all is that you can have as many or as few frames with patches as you’d like. Place them around the house for a theme, or layer them in an organized fashion to fill an entire wall.

You’ll find your craftiness and creativity come to life. Not only will you have a collection of patches, but you’ll have a collection of picture frames too!

5. Travel Bag

Whether you’re the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton travel bag or a one-off brand that you bought from the terminal at your local airport, this display brings style to the road!

Show off the cool destinations you’ve traveled to and space your patches out as if to say my collection isn’t done yet!

You’re sure to turn heads while walking to your destination, and you may spark some fun and interesting conversations while you wait for your flight.

Life’s all about new experiences and meeting people. Your patches are a representation of the adventures you’ve been on and might help you find your next travel buddy.

6. Tote Bag

Your tote bag is your life. It goes to the local farmer’s market with you, helps you carry things to the beach, and carries your essentials to work.

It goes everywhere with you, making it a perfectplace to show off your colorful and awesome collection of patches.

This idea provides you with a durable and classic way to show off the patches and gives some personality to an otherwise plain-looking all-purpose bag. Show off your fun side and give everyone around you something to smile about!

Odds are, your collection will keep growing. The tote bag gives you a huge location to place all of your favorite patches.

Interested in growing your collection with custom patches? Find a company that can get things started for you.

7. Jean Jacket

Looking for the trendiest possible way to brag about your collection andshow off your fashion sense? Place your favorite patches on a jean jacket.

Nothing’s more quirky or individualistic than placing those vibrant patches all over your go-to jacket for the fall.

No one else in the world can say they have a jacket like yours. It’s one of a kind!

Create the Patch Display That Fits Your Personality!

Gone are the days of your favorite patches collecting dust in a closet. It’s time to let those babies shine on a new patch display.

Hopefully, this article helped get the creative juices flowing for how you’re going to show off your patch collection in the future.

Be sure to check back with our blog often for the latest and greatest in style and fashion.