7 Points that you probably don’t know about AWS Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is by far the most popular series of certifications in the world. But besides acquiring the high salaries that come from AWS certification, whether you are planning to become an AWS Cloud Architect, a SysOps Administrator, a Cloud Developer, a Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager, a Cloud DevOps Engineer, a Cloud Key Account Manager, a cloud Software Engineer or an AWS Networking Specialist, there are additional, hidden benefits to AWS Training.

 Conclusion and these hidden benefits are why most IT people in the industry are attracted to AWS training Australia at DDLS, Australia’s leading provider of courses leading to AWS certification. 

 Here are a few of those hidden benefits.

  • 1. Being at the forefront of computer technology 

The cloud is without a doubt the future of business technology. According to Garntner.com, by 2024, just three short years away, up to 45 per cent of all IT spending will have shifted from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. 

There are many reasons for this shift, but primarily because AWS is economical to organizations, is scalable for even small organizations, and with multiple data centres, information is more secure. 

2. Certification is within reach 

Although many people caution against it, it’s very common in the IT industry to quit your job for up to three months or more to obtain a certification.

However, you can continue without quitting your current job with AWS training, which is a preferred method.

Not only can you learn AWS during your current job, but possibly obtain a promotion in the process. You expand your usefulness to a company with your new AWS skills. 

3. AWS dominates the cloud. 

 There are three major cloud providers according to https://holori.com/ (Source)

These three are AWS, which captures 33 per cent of the total 60 per cent cloud market. Second is Azure, which has 19 per cent of the market, and Google Cloud, at 7 per cent.

The fact that AWS dominates the cloud market should be good enough for most IT professionals to recognize that AWS utilization will continue to grow and that there will be plenty of jobs for AWS certified practitioners. 

4. AWS certification is highly recognized 

We could tout higher salaries, with an AWS certification amounting to an average salary bump of around $12,000, but it’s the perceived value by hiring managers that really makes AWS certification practically a must.

According to ACloud.Guru (source) around 82 percent of hiring managers say that a candidate having an AWS certification is considered more hireable, and 87 percent value an AWS certification over a candidate with a degree. 

And the latter is significantly more important to IT pros in the field who managed to get their experience in the IT field without a degree. 

Why study part-time to obtain a college degree to post on your resume?

 When hiring managers want to see proven experience, and although there may be rare exceptions when an employee obtains AWS certification, it’s generally proof that they know their stuff. 

5. Proof that AWS employees are up to date 

 Once an employee obtains an AWS certification, it is suitable for only three years.

According to Amazon (SOURCE), to maintain your certification, you must retake the current version of the exam to maintain your AWS certification.

This is a good thing because it generally shows that IT professionals who have a certification keep up to date on the rapid advancements in the AWS field. 

New procedures are continually popping up in the AWS arena, so the recertification process proves that previously certified IT pros are remaining current.

Amazon’s current recertification process requires an IT pro who fails their recertification exam to wait 14 days before attempting a retest, and while there is no limit on the number of retake exams it is possible to take, each time a retest is taken, the full certification fee is required. 


6. Easy entrance into the AWS community 

When you obtain an AWS certification, the benefits do not stop there. YOu automatically qualify to enter the AWS linked in community. 

Not only do you obtain a digital badge that you can use on social media to prove your AWS abilities, but many hiring managers will actively consider you for their open AWS jobs. In addition, you get a 50 per cent discount on recertification costs, and you get to attend or view online many AWS conferences. 

7. The opportunity to become a subject matter expert and an AWS partner.

With your certification, it is possible you can team up directly with Amazon to become an expert in the field, hosting your conferences and seminars. When an organization has enough AWS certified employees, they can team up directly with Amazon and its partner process.