7 Tips for Designing a Show Stopping Trade Show Display

Failing to get noticed during a conference, trade show or other event is a missed opportunity that businesses would do well to avoid. A few simple tips can make it much easier to design a display that is sure to be a show stopper.

1. Standing Out From the Crowd

While a trade show offers the perfect backdrop for a new product launch, promotional effort or sales pitch, there is often so much going on that just getting noticed can be difficult. Selecting a more vibrant color scheme for a display or choosing to make use of a less conventional layout can go a long way towards attracting the interest of potential customers or clients.

2. Broadcasting a Professional Image

When it comes to making a positive impression, a trade show display or booth can be a powerful tool. In addition to being less likely to make an impact during a trade show, displays that lack a professional appearance can end up doing harm to a business’s brand. Spending more time designing a display and sourcing quality promotional materials from a professional printer can help to ensure that a display is broadcasting the right image.

3. Capturing Interest

Even the most professional looking display, table or booth may be of little real value should it fail to capture the interest of its intended audience. Displays that are too conservative, too conventional or that feature a design scheme that is boring or predicable can become a real liability.

4. Concise Information and Targeted Messaging

Trade Show attendees are often bombarded by information from all angles. Even a display that succeeds in capturing the attention and interest of those passing by will only have an instant to convey a message. From product descriptions to details regarding the company’s mission statement, motto or philosophy, any and all information that will be featured in a trade show display needs to be made as concise as possible in order to ensure maximum impact.

5. Creating a More Exciting Display

Crafting a more exciting display can also make a real difference. Generating buzz or interest among the attendees means that they may actually begin to seek out a display on their own. Moving signs, illuminated posters and prize giveaways or other publicity efforts can all be valuable resources in terms of being able to create an exciting display.

6. Maintaining Consistency and Focus

While a display may be used to convey a great deal of useful information, there are still limitations that may need to be considered. A display that utilizes a clear and consistent message or that maintains superior focus on the aspects of a product, service or company feature it means to promote is more likely to be effective.

7. Staying Fresh and Relevant

Just because a display was well received at a previous show does not always mean it will be a surefire hit at the next event. Failing to update a display in order to reflect changing consumer trends or new industry developments can be a costly misstep. Making an effort to update a display in order to stay fresh can be an important concern.

A well-designed trade show display can be a powerful marketing tool. The right display design makes it easier to stand out and get noticed, make a good initial impression and to capture the interest and attention of potential customers.