8 Reasons Why B-12 Shots Boost Your Energy Levels

B-12 shots are known to boost the energy of those who are deficient. This is a common vitamin deficiency since lifestyle factors can reduce our consumption of B-12 rich foods. Common medications can also block the vitamin from absorbing.

Increasing your vitamin B-12 levels can drastically improve your energy levels. The following are eight ways B-12 shots give you more energy.

Healthy Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are created in the bone marrow. If you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, you may not produce enough blood cells or the blood cells may be oddly shaped, this were people with this deficiency or others need a blood infusion or a simple blood transfusion. That’s why it’s important that if you are healthy enough to go and donate blood to a Mobile Blood Drive so you can help those in need of blood.

Since red blood cells carry oxygen to your brain and organs, a reduction in red blood cells causes fatigue. B-12 injections quickly boost your B-12 levels and allow your body to produce enough healthy red blood cells to get oxygen to your brain and other organs.

Mental Health and Energy

Your body needs serotonin to regulate your moods and prevent depression. Although it isn’t completely understood, B-12 deficiencies correlate with lower serotonin levels and increase your risk of developing serious depression.

B-12 is vital to improving serotonin levels and reducing depression symptoms. Since depression can cause fatigue, this means that improving depression symptoms with B-12 injections boosts your energy levels.

Mitochondrial Function

If you remember studying the parts of a cell in science class, you will know that the mitochondria produce the energy for the cells in our bodies. B vitamins play a huge role in that process.

B-6 and B-12 are both needed for the mitochondria to produce energy and carry oxygen to the nucleus of a cell. This energy is needed to power every cell in your body. If you are deficient in B-12, your cells become sluggish, resulting in fatigue and slow healing.

Glucose and Energy

B vitamins, including B-12, are needed to convert glucose into energy. If you are deficient in B vitamins, your body can’t complete this conversion, which zaps your energy levels.

B-12 injections along with consuming other B vitamins will help your body to get the most it can out of glucose as it is consumed. This results in you having more energy.

Central Nervous System Fatigue

As mentioned before, B-12 helps your body produce more serotonin. Serotonin, in addition to stabilizing your mood and improving sleep, plays a role in the health of the central nervous system.

Seratonin prevents Central Nervous System fatigue, which leads to fatigue of the muscles and your body. Since B-12 increases serotonin, it reduces fatigue of the muscles and nervous system.

Myelin Sheath Health

The myelin sheath protects the nerves in your spinal cord and is necessary to protect your nerves which transmit signals to the rest of your body. If it becomes damaged, known as demyelination, these transmissions are disrupted. This causes multiple sclerosis and many other neurological disorders.

B-12 plays a major role in the production of methylation reactions, which are necessary for healthy myelin and nerves. Since many of these neurological disorders cause fatigue, B-12 can improve or prevent symptoms caused by a damaged myelin sheath, giving you more energy.

Fats and Proteins

B-12 is one of the vitamins needed to break down fats and proteins and turn them into energy. Lack of B-12 contributes to insulin resistance as well the risk of type II diabetes and obesity. All of these diseases come with negative health effects that impact your energy levels.

If you have low B-12 levels, an injection can help your body synthesize fats and proteins and improve or prevent these conditions and their energy-zapping symptoms.

Heart Health

Your heart pumps your blood cells and oxygen throughout your body. Without a healthy heart, oxygen and red blood cells aren’t carried as quickly or steadily, meaning you will have less energy.

B-12 is important for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke.

B-12 and Energy

B-12 is vital to treating and preventing diseases and disorders that greatly reduce your energy levels. B-12 is a common deficiency but it is one that can be corrected. B-12 injections are a great way to boost your B-12 levels quickly, giving you more energy fast.