8 Ways to Drink More Water Every Day That Won’t Feel like a Chore

Your doctor has told you that you need to get more water in your diet. The problem is that you hate the taste of the stuff. The good news is that there are ways to drink more water and bypass the flavor. To get to know one of them, see kenmore filters on Discount Water Filters. Installing water treatment systems will ensure that you get safe and clean drinking water.

You can put pieces of fruit in it or even use a teabag. Even if you do this it can be hard to remember to work drinking water into your daily routine. We have a few tips that can help you manage your water intake. An important one would be to consider getting your water supply from Drink HRW, consider reading more information about how they can assist you.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can get the water you need in your system without it feeling like so much of a chore.

1. Add a Little Flavor to the Mix 

If you don’t like the taste of water, there are ways that you can add more flavor to it. You can infuse your favorite fruits into a pitcher of water. There are fruit infuser water bottles you can buy that will add a little taste. 

If you enjoy tea, then steep a teabag in a mug of water. Just because you have to drink more water doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your favorite juices. You can dilute them with water so you don’t take in as much sugar. 

Love sodas too much to put them down? That’s fine, replace the sodas with sparkling mineral water. 

2. Sip Before You Eat 

Sometimes it’s less that water tastes bad and more that it’s hard to work it into your busy schedule. The best thing you can do is work it into your mealtimes. Fill up a glass of water while you’re cooking and sip on it. 

When you go out to dinner with friends, ask the waiter for water instead of getting what you normally order. Drinking water before you eat or with your meal will make you feel fuller. You’ll eat less which will help you stay at a healthy weight. 

3. Keep a Water Bottle With You 

It’s hard to forget to drink water when you always have a bottle with you. This way you can sip it throughout the day and get your daily intake gradually rather than all at once. 

This is especially good if you’re not the biggest fan of the taste of water. Taking sips is a lot less painful then large gulps. It’s a good way to keep yourself hydrated while you’re at work. 

Drinking throughout the day can also stop you from getting dry mouth and can even keep your breath fresher. If you need a reminder for when you need to take a sip, set a timer on your phone.  

4. Use a Marked Water Bottle 

You should set a goal for how much water you want to drink in one day and then buy a marked water bottle. The marks will help you see how much water you’ve been drinking and keep up with your progress. 

This can motivate you to keep going to reach your goal. It feels more like a fun competition you’re having with yourself rather than a chore. You’ll actually feel a great accomplishment whenever you drain a bottle and fill up a new one.

5. Fill Water Bottles Ahead of Time

We understand how it is. You rush out of the house for work or school in the morning and forget to fill your water bottle. It’s an easy mistake to make. 

That’s why you should start planning ahead. Buy several reusable water bottles and keep them in your fridge. All you have to do from there is remember to grab a bottle before you head out the door.  

You can also fill up a gallon jug to take with you but this is a lot less portable than a water bottle. 

6. Use a Water Filter

Going back to taste, unfiltered water has the tendency to taste like straight up chemicals. Not only is the flavor bad but it’s also a little unnerving which can draw you away from water. This is why you should install a water softener or water treatment system at home or in your workplace.

A bottom load water dispenser or a water filter will also work. Investing in a Las Vegas Water Filtration system will allow you to enjoy good quality of water without environmental cost. Having Business Water Purification systems both at home and at your workplace will ensure that you have access to safe and clean drinking water every time.

7. Eat Foods that Are High in Water Content 

There are some foods that contain more water than others. You’d be surprised at how much of your daily water intake you can get by eating them. Fruits and veggies such as zucchini, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, honeydew, and cantaloupe are all 90% water or higher. 

There is an added benefit to getting water via this method. On top of being composed of so much H2O, they are all chocked full of vitamins and minerals. 

8. Refill Your Water Bottle as Soon as it Gets Empty

If you’re sitting at your desk and your water bottle gets empty, go refill it as soon as you can. If you don’t then the temptation to stop sipping will be too strong. 

Either that or you’ll get so caught up in what you’re doing you’ll forget to go get more water. 

Ways to Drink More Water and Enjoy it

Has your doctor told you that you need to drink more water? Water isn’t the best-tasting thing in the world to some people and it can sort of feel like a chore to remember to drink it some times. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to drink more water without it being so taxing. Try some of the tips that you’ve read here to get the fluids that your body needs. 

You’ll need to do more than drink water in order to stay healthy. Check out our blog daily for more articles like this one.