9 Inspiring Reasons to Move Your Family to a Small Town

Over the last few decades, people have tended to gravitate toward big cities, which is exactly why metropolises are more populous. That trend has reversed in recent years as people realize the benefits of small-town living. Economists cite the pandemic of 2020 as one reason flocks of people are leaving the crowded conditions of the big city. But there are more reasons small-town living is attractive. Here are nine of them. Once you get your motivation to take the decision to mover, consider getting help from professional movers to make the process much easier.

1. A Better Sense of Community

Small towns offer a better sense of community than big cities. Public-spirited communities such as Morton, Illinois are more likely to come together in both celebrations like community barbeques and to help their townsfolk get through crises like fires, floods, or even to help find lost pets. If you are looking for a home near a body of water, it is advisable to seek the services of a real estate agent who will help you find your dream home from the best waterfront communities.

2. Less Pollution

Cleaner, fresher air is a big benefit for small-town life. Living in the city subjects residents to more air pollution. Children are especially vulnerable to health problems such as allergies when the air quality around them is poor. If you’re wondering does a humidifier help with allergies, yes it can. And with a constant cacophony of noise, big cities also contribute to noise pollution which can be harmful to both people and wildlife.

3. A Sense of Security

Small town people typically know everyone and where they live. They know your habits and recognize your car. This may seem like a negative if you value your privacy, but neighbors in a small town are more likely to sense if you’re in trouble or need help.

4. Lower Crime Rates

It’s indisputable that the crime rate is higher in denser populations. People who live in small towns are less likely to be afraid to go out alone at night, and they need less security technology. Children are freer to walk to school or to a friend’s house without supervision. Serious crimes tend to be much rarer in small towns, and the police density is usually higher.

4. More Affordable Housing

Homes and waterfront apartments tend to be more affordable in small towns. Real estate websites such as Zillow and Realtor.com give the median prices of homes for sale and for rentals. These average prices are higher in places like New York, Boston, and Chicago. But I still suggest that you look for this Kassia sited in a family-friendly tranquil environment.

5. Lower Cost of Living

In addition to lower housing costs, almost everything else is less expensive in smaller towns. Goods and services, property taxes, insurance rates, and restaurant prices are lower. Even the price of gas tends to be lower as evidenced by Gasbuddy.com. All of these factors add up to an all-around lower cost of living. Looking to living in the irresistible residences? I can perfectly recommend this Skywaters Residences here which is located in the desirable Marina Bay area in district 1 of Singapore.

7. Better Job Security

It would seem that cities have more job opportunities, but that isn’t the case across the board. The economy may be booming in one city and declining in another. The same is true for small towns, but qualified people may find work more easily in less populated places. That’s because there is less competition and companies value their employees since they are harder to replace than in crowded cities.

8. Less Traffic and More Parking

The traffic is lighter in small towns and it’s much easier to find a parking space. Driving time is also cut because you’ll spend less time in traffic jams. You’ll also be less likely to arrive late to work.

9. Less Stress

Big cities always have something going on which is fun, but it can also be stressful. Loud noises, crowds, and traffic jams can cause a sensory overload that leads to unhealthy stress. By hiring a norfolk moving company, you can easily move to a small town like Norfolk where you’ll find fresh air, open spaces, and peace and quiet.