A Look at How the Government Impacts Technology

The needs of the general public have helped push technology to its limits all through history. However, many of these technological advances wouldn’t happen without the government backing them the entire way. It can be unclear, though, how that government plays a role in all of this.

Whether you’re interested in inventing or in the history of technology, you should look into the various reasons why the government would be interested in these technological advances. Check out these ways the government continues to impact the technology we use daily.


In the past, the security of a country would often be recognized through military efforts. Since the rise of the internet, this notion has changed due to how the entire world is connected. Countries now believe that they need to have a strong effort in cybersecurity to keep their countries safe.

For example, large American cities like Baltimore have had to pay millions of dollars to hackers that took over their city systems. With their city systems being taken down, citizens and government officials couldn’t complete regular tasks that needed to be done for the city to function. These types of attacks have shown governments that they don’t only need to spend more money on their cybersecurity, but government officials need to find security methods to automatically keep hackers away.

To do this, a lot of time and money has gone into various encryption methods. These encryption methods eventually make it to military devices, government computers, and even civilian cell phones. As cybersecurity attacks continue to happen, you’ll see more methods of encryption and digital safety be created.


Whether it be to have a meeting or to transfer important files quickly between countries, the government has been funding various communication efforts that make it easy for government work to happen while everyone doesn’t have to be in the same room. This type of effort can be when the government of the United States became important for the internet to even exist.

In the 1970s, the internet started when various academic and military institutions wanted to connect their local networks. After that, the internet was able to set up as a group of private networks that distinguished staff members could connect to. After a couple of years, the internet started to shape up to be something that resembled what we use today.


When you look at the news today, it’s clear the government is continuing to use new technology all of the time to advance their current efforts. After looking at recent advances in artificial intelligence, computing, mobile devices, and more, it’s no wonder that the government is constantly worried about how they can use technology to their advantage. Pretty soon, citizens will see these efforts in their normal life and on the news.

For example, Microsoft is helping out the military with various devices to help them out on the battlefield. It’s pretty clear by now that the military has been asking a whole bunch of companies to help them with whatever efforts they need in war. Just make sure you fully understand the impact of technology in the government.