Accurately Evaluate Employees’ Remote Device Security

During this last year, we’ve seen a constantly growing number of people working from home, and that means that there are a lot of people with private information on their remote devices. To work from home, you need to be able to access your work from a device that’s outside of the office, and that brings about a risk to company data. If you’re going to prevent a breach of security, you need to make sure that you properly evaluate the security that’s in place with your business security consulting company, and make improvements where you can.

Inform employees

Even without the intent to do so, company data is vulnerable to many different risks, and carelessness is where things will go wrong. If your employees are working from home, you must inform them how they can avoid a security breach. Ensuring that they’re not sharing their work device with friends or family and making sure not to download any software carelessly can help make sure that there’s no information at risk.

If you’re working from home, make sure that you only interact with and install approved software outside of what you need for work. Getting a virus on your tech can be a huge risk for your business, and it’s easier avoided than remedied.

Practice confidentiality

If you’re working in a public place, make sure that no one around you can see what you’re working on. While there might not be anyone around with malicious intent, it’s still a breach of company security. Exercising caution when handling data in public is important, and is better off avoided if it’s going to be risky.

When people have the freedom to work away from the office, remote device security becomes something to be even more concerned about. Inform your employees that they shouldn’t be working in public places, if they aren’t aware already.

Encourage back-ups

With everyone working remotely, you’re going to need to make sure that all of the work is saved securely. A lot of moving means there’s room for a lot more mistakes, and making sure that people backup their work more often can help to prevent that.

Having your IT department set up a secure cloud database to back your work up can save a lot of time and effort.

Keep work separate

If you’re going to be working from home, it’s best that you don’t allow for work files to get lost among personal files. Using a separate device for your work is best, and will ensure that there’s no data at risk from your own, or family member’s use.

You should also ensure that no one but you has access to it, which means putting it out of reach of others if they can’t be trusted to leave it alone. Even if the user has good intentions, anything could happen to the data if they misuse the device.

Get advised

If IT security isn’t your strong suit, you can get business IT support in Austin, and you can make sure that your remote device security is strong and up to date. Carelessness can cause a lot of trouble for your business, and you may even face legal issues if the wrong data gets out there, so covering yourself, in these times especially, is vital for the ongoing success of your business.

All businesses are at risk of security breaches if they don’t take extra care in making sure their data is secure, so it’s time to change that.