Activating and Using MyMathLab

College classes sometimes require materials that you have never used before, and with many online and technological uses for educational online systems, you will likely have to use a few that you have no experience with. 

One of those may be the MyMathLab

This educational e-text and online instructional system will help you work through your math classes with better understanding and more help. As a program that offers many features to teach you how to succeed, you have a personal tutor at your fingertips. 

However, unlike a textbook, these new systems all have different ways to access and use them. We will show you how to activate and use the MyMathLab system so you can get started on your math class. 

Enroll in a College Course 

The MyMathLab program is linked to college courses, and cannot be accessed unless you have the course ID. This is usually given to students by the professor on the first day of class so students can purchase and begin accessing the class materials. 

You will not be able to gain access if you aren’t in a college course and have a course ID, so after you are done with the class, you will no longer have full access to the materials. 

Make a Pearson Account 

Before you are able to purchase the system, you will need to make an online account with the Pearson company. This is a simple process that will only take a few minutes and some information. Then, you will be able to make purchases on their website. 

Create a MyLab Account 

After you have made your account with Pearson, you will then do the same with the MyLab website. This will be similar to the first account with some basic information being needed to register, but shouldn’t take much time either. 

Buy the Access Kit 

Because the textbook and materials are all online, instead of purchasing the materials themselves, you will actually be buying access to them. The MyMathLab access kit will give you an access code that you will link to your account. 

This can be purchased through the Pearson website, or it can be found in other places like amazon. The prices are typically a bit lower on other sites, so look for those access kits first if you are on a strict budget.
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Once you log into your MyLab account, you will type in the Course ID from your instructor and the access code from your kit. This will allow your account full access to the course materials e-textbook so your instructor will know who in the class has access to the homework.  

Begin Your Work 

Once you have been granted access, you will have the ability to start reading the e-text and working on the assignments due. The weekly assignments will be shown on the calendar so you will stay on track and the system will check off the ones your finish so you won’t have to keep track of them yourself.