Already Thinking of Halloween Next Year? Click Here For 3 Ideas

Halloween is a wonderful time of year if you have plans. Families buy a Pumpkin Glove Scraper Carving Kit for their decorations. They also prepare costumes to make sure all the spooky-fun don’t go to waste.

The classic trick or treating can be fine if you have kids to take, but there is so much more to Halloween!

If you are still uncertain of some ideas to get you into the Halloween spirit, we have you covered. Here are 3 great ideas on what to do on Halloween.

When You’re Not Sure What to Do on Halloween

Halloween should be about fun with friends and embracing the spooky spirit! These 3 ideas have that in spades and any of them can make the 31st a night to remember.

1. A Creepy Escape Room

Escape rooms like the ones at Hour To Midnight are in high swing these past few years. The fun little idea has gone from an interesting small business to one of the most popular day events around!

An escape room takes you and your chosen band of friends and locks you into a room filled with puzzles. Solve the puzzles in a fast enough time and win prizes and pride! 

Most escape rooms this time of year have Halloween themed scenarios you can play. The idea screams out fun monster tropes and horror themes.

If you have a knack for puzzles and friends who enjoy the challenge, find a good escape room near you! 

2. Scary Movie Marathon

Horror movies have been around since the concept of movies. From monster flicks to slasher films to found-footage jump-scare fests, there is plenty of horrors and scares to go around!

If you like the idea of sitting on your couch but want to get into the Halloween spirit, invite over a bunch of friends, make some Halloween themed snacks, and pop on a non-stop list of horror flicks until the sun rises.

3. Costume Party

A huge part of Halloween is the fun costumes. From creepy monsters to funny inside jokes, a good Halloween costume lets you be creative. You may also put on some Horror Vinyl Collections as background music.

If you or your friends aren’t up for hosting a party, there are often dozens of local Halloween parties to discover. 

Craft or buy a great costume, show up with your friends and enjoy some music, snacks, and a great, spooky atmosphere. A good costume party is to die for!

With or Without Kids

As mentioned before, the big event for many on Halloween is trick or treating with the kids. If you have little ones eager to go out and about for candy, that does tie up your evening.

If you don’t, be mindful of the little ones! If you are heading out to a party or escape room, be mindful driving, as there will be a lot more children in the neighborhoods than usual!

If these ideas are a bit too exciting for you, there is always the option to hand out candy to kids. It can be a nice and relaxing evening and you’ll make a lot of kids very happy. 

Keeping Things Exciting

With a better idea of what to do on Halloween, you can get into the holiday spirit. Grab your friends, get excited, and have a spooky blast!

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