American Hope Resources Shares Top COVID-19 Assistance Programs To Know

American Hope Resources Covid 19 Assistance Program


Top COVID-19 Assistance Programs

  • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Emergency Broadband Benefit
  • Covid-19 Mortgage Relief

It need not be said that the covid-19 virus is defining every aspect of our lives for the worse. The reason is that Covid-19 is not what we see in books and papers; instead, it’s a reality we have had to deal with for months now. 

Thanks to this global reality, people have found themselves in different holes – financial, housing, unemployment, health difficulties, etc. Sadly, this predicament that left people for dead seems to have come to stay for a long time. People, therefore, are looking for various possible ways to adjust to this bitter reality.

American Hopes Resources, an online community that connects like-minded individuals going through similar struggles (hardships), offers resources and information on programs and assistance schemes to its members to, among others, help them grapple with the adverse impacts of the pandemic. 

These resources and information on COVID-19 assistance are but one limb in the resources and information bank of American Hopes Resources. Other limbs are medical programs, discount membership programs, continuing or further education programs, etc., all of which are exclusively made available to their registered members.

To be eligible or qualified to enjoy the American Hopes Resources program, you need to meet only two requirements: being in financial difficulty and being a United States resident.

Here are the top Covid-19 assistance programs you need to know are:

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Formerly known as the Food Stamps, SNAP offers the largest nutrition assistance program to low-income individuals and families who are worse hit by the pandemic. The good news is that you may have lost your job and all, but with this program on the ground, you may not need to give much thought into what to sustain you.

However, to enjoy this program, you must have an eligibility status. Among other requirements, you must live in the state where you applied for it and meet certain bank balance limits. The harsh reality of Covid-19 has made getting the benefits easier, as its restrictions have been greatly pulled back and relaxed, and its application is done on a remote basis.

Emergency Broadband Benefit. With Covid-19 dislodging many individuals and homes financially, it seems like the internet bill would be among the list of bills whose affordability would suffer a blow.

The good news is that the emergency broadband benefit sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission will give you $50 or $75 if you live on Tribal lands towards your monthly internet bill to remain connected online and work or receive classes or those of your kids from home. Visit to know your eligibility and the application processes.

Covid-19 Mortgage Relief. Another program you can leverage to cushion the stress of the pandemic on your finance is this program. Through it, you can request a pause in making mortgage payments through mortgage forbearance. However, the home you own must be a single-family type and federally backed or FHA-insured mortgage to be eligible for this benefit.

In the end, there are other state governments’ and non-governmental organizations’ sponsored programs. The list is not in any way exhaustive; thus, registering with American Hopes Resources will keep you posted, as resources and information on this and others are posted daily.