Are Raves Safe?

There have been some crazy stories about raves. Some are to be considered the “best night of all time” and others not so great. Though raves are typically a safe environment, there are a few things to look out for when attending. Here’s a useful guide you can use to stay out of trouble next time you go to a rave.

Know Your Venue

The safety level of a rave truly depends on the environment. Some are by far safer than others, but let’s look at the different types of raves to see how they rank.

Mainstream Raves/Music Festivals

Most mainstream raves take place in a large plot of land with tons of staff and security. Since they are well funded, you can be sure that there’s going to be help on standby. But these things can get wild as well.


  • Tons of staff and security. Most even have a medical tent in case of emergencies.
  • Crowded with people. This can also be a bad thing (see below) but having a large crowd helps. You’re less likely going to be robbed or assaulted if there are a hundred people in front of you.
  • Well lit


  • Overly crowded. Things can get messy and it can be hard to find your friends if you get separated.
  • Theft.

Underground Raves

Unlike mainstream raves, underground raves are typically a lot smaller and are more private. You’ll find these raves at nightclubs, small concert venues, and even basements. Underground raves are famous for intense music and wild rave clothing. They are generally safe, but let’s have a closer look.


  • Less crowded and easy to navigate.
  • Most will have security.
  • A strong friendly community (an everyone knows each other kind of thing).


  • Usually darker than music festivals.
  • Mosh pits and other forms of hardcore dancing styles.

Illegal Raves

If the title doesn’t give it away, these raves are the most dangerous. That’s because they usually involve breaking into private property and throwing a massive party. That means there’s no professional security or medical staff.

Since people are already breaking the law, they most likely aren’t afraid to do it again, so often fights can break out.

We would recommend you avoid these raves altogether. There’s so much fun to be had at legal raves that attending an illegal one is just dangerous.

Private Raves

Similar to illegal raves, they don’t have any official staff present. Private raves usually take place at someone’s house or at a property with a large enough space. Not all private raves are dangerous, but they are unpredictable. We recommend you go in groups and try to stay together at all times.

Final Thoughts

Raving is an overall pleasant experience. As long as you’re smart and on your wits, you shouldn’t run into trouble. Just know how to spot a red flag and react properly.

Other than that, have fun and respect others! We hope you stay safe and have a killer time at your next rave.