Are There Rules on What You Can Store in a Storage Unit?

There are rules when it comes to self storage units. Not just any old items can be stored in storage units. These storage units are meant for special storage purposes, which means you have to make sure that the items you will be storing in your storage unit meet certain criteria.

Below are five things you cannot store in storage units:

Toxic substances

There is a lot of information out there about what toxic substances you should not store long-term in storage units. Sometimes, companies will tell their employees that they should not leave any chemicals or other harmful products in storage units for very long periods because these products can cause damage to the storage unit itself. If this happens, then the company will end up having to pay for damages caused by storage storage unit damages caused by toxic chemicals or substances.

Contraband items

Of course, storage units are designed to keep storage safe, secure and hidden away from people who do not have access to the storage unit itself. That means you cannot store any contraband items in storage units because contraband items are illegal . Since storage units are meant to be kept secret for safety purposes, no storage unit will allow you to store these types of items. If you do try to store them there, the storage company will simply discard your illegally stored goods for you.


Storage facilities are often located in secluded areas where people should feel safe storing their items that can’t fit into their house or apartment. Unfortunately, storage facilities are not always in secluded areas. Sometimes, storage units are located close to large cities where crime does exist. Because of this, storage companies do not encourage storage tenants to store any weapons or other items that could be used as weapons in storage units.


Most storage facilities do not allow pets to be stored because storage facilities do sometimes allow specific types of animals inside their storage facility, usually only the tiniest ones like hamsters and fish. If you try to store your pet gerbil in your storage unit, for example, you will probably find yourself having all of your belongings discarded if not returned immediately. It is best for owners who want to put their pets storage units to choose a climate-controlled storage facility because storage units are not meant to be kept warm or cool.

Personal items that may get the storage unit owner in trouble

This also includes things like drugs, pornography, videos that have been downloaded illegally and other personal items that could get storage unit owners into legal trouble. If you try to store these types of items in your storage unit, the storage company will immediately discard them for you or inform law enforcement about what they found in their possession if it is illegal information.

It’s important to know these rules when it comes to storing your belongings in a storage unit because storage facilities do want to protect their tenants who rent out storage space for their own property. The storage space itself can only hold so much at a time and storage companies do not want to risk losing any of their storage unit tenants because storage units can only hold so much. So, it’s best for storage tenants to store items that won’t be a problem in storage units just in case the storage company finds out that you have been breaking rules about what can or should stay stored in storage units.