Author Solutions: Supporting Self-Publishing Authors

Author Solutions is the world’s top provider of supported self-publishing services for authors around the globe, and a pioneer in the self-publishing industry.  Since its inception in 1997, Author Solutions has helped nearly 250,000 authors publish more than 300,000 titles. Author Solutions became a leader in the world of self-publishing by forging the way for many authors in the early days of self-publishing, creating a powerful impact in the lives of those authors.

By providing access to a slew of resources, contacts, and industry insight, Author Solutions helps authors achieve their own definition of success. So, whether you’re dreaming of seeing your book selling in bookstores, appearing on TV, or seeing your story made into a film, Author Solutions provides the support you’ll need during each step along your journey.

As a leader in the self-publishing industry, Author Solutions has helped launch the careers of many authors thanks to its exclusive AuthorCentric supported self-publishing process that lets authors keep total creative control of their creations. This means that, while you will be guided by a team of experts in the field, you’ll be in total control of everything from editing and proofreading to details such as page layout and cover design. The skilled and experienced team at Author Solutions is there to ensure that your book is created in keeping with your vision as an author.

Imprints All Over the World

Author Solutions supports authors around the world through an assortment of over 10 supported self-publishing imprints that span nine countries across five continents. They also partner with such industry leaders as Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins Christian, while also working with retailers and distributors including Ingram and Indigo Chapters, among others.

Author Solutions provides access to such resources as the Author Learning Center, iUniverse and over 10 other supported self-publishing imprints, which have assisted nearly 250,000 authors to publish more than 300,000 titles. From initial concept to final product, Author Solutions is committed to helping authors achieve success by providing services that make it easy affordable to publish your book, and you don’t need any industry contacts to do so.

A Team of Experts Around the Globe

Author Solutions is proud to employ some of the most talented professionals in the self-publishing industry. Their international team of experts have knowledge, experience, and expertise in the self-publishing industry.

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Author Solutions has a global reach that includes imprints in, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. These imprints make it possible for authors all over the world to take advantage of the resources and technology to easily publish their books.

Testimonials from Authors

The best way to learn about the impact that Author Solutions has had on the lives of authors who work with them is to read what they have to say directly. Authors who have worked with Author Solutions have made the following comments:

Jan Booth: Buddy Dow and Author Solutions

Several months ago I contacted Author Solutions about a book I was working on. I have been blessed to work with Buddy Dow. He is an exceptional man, a person of integrity, kindness, commitment to excellence, and compassion. His guidance has taken me through each phase. He is a man we need in today’s society for he stands for truth, creativity, problem solving, and hope. His direction has helped me immensely. He has been a primary factor in making the dream become the reality without too many obstacles which naturally occur when publishing a book, especially the first book, when my experience in this aspect has been so limited. I have been able to contact him by phone or email as needed and each time felt buoyed up by the communication. Everyone I have worked with at Author Solutions has been very helpful. I truly am appreciative and look forward to launching this and my other book which is in-process

Jerome Jacob Rappoport: Best Author Support At Author Solutions Publishing

After having three books published with Author Solutions, I finally decided to have the book series promoted. Because of the times we’re living in, FACEBOOK banned my latest book and the Ad as well. So, I turned, where I always do when I run into a jam, to Buddy Dow who saved my bacon one more time. He cut through all the flak and arranged for an alternate approach with Google which offers a broader range through which my book can get exposure. I can’t tell you how many different types of issues can come up when publishing a book, yet Buddy is familiar with all phases and knows who, when and where to go to get things done.

Buddy has had my back for many years at Author Solutions and I’m confident he will for many years to come.

Nicholas G. L. Petryszak: A job well done and appreciated

My experience with Author Solutions has been very positive. All staff who I worked with, have been helpful, informative and professional. They provided really excellent support at every stage of the publishing process. The staff at committed to ensuring the quality of the books that are produced. Their attention to detail is much appreciated. In short, they really care about the authors they work with and the books that are published. I have now published one book with Author Solutions and I have signed up to publish two more. Thanks to everyone at Author Solutions who helped me make my publishing goals a reality. I am grateful for your support.

Best wishes. Nicholas G.L Petryszak.

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