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Learn How to Choose the Right Sheets

If you want to stay healthy, getting the proper sleep you need is very important, and purchasing the right sheets is an aspect everyone should take seriously. In recent years, more people are getting rid of their flat sheets and opting for an alternative, such as a comforter or blanket.  Many people, especially single American

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Benefits of a Virtual Private Server

The hosting option known as a VPS, or virtual private server, employs virtualization technology to provide you exclusive resources on a server alongside other customers. It’s less expensive than hiring a whole dedicated server yourself and is more reliable and safe than shared hosting, other options would also be to buy RDP. In addition, you

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Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Cyber Wars

In the first 10 weeks of 2022, over 150 cyber attacks were launched against Ukraine. Hackers disabled more than 70 government websites in Ukraine in January of 2022. Microsoft found malware in Ukrainian government systems that could be triggered remotely. One month later, the FBI asked US companies to alert them to “any increased (cyber)activity

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