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The Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Explained

Husbands and wives and daughters and sons bring their elderly loved ones to a nursing home. They expect to leave them in safe, capable hands. Federal regulations also make it so residents have the right to be free from harm.  However, over 5,000,000 residents experience some form of abuse.  Less than 20% of those cases are reported because the

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How Does Payroll Work? A Detailed Guide

You’ve started your new business like hundreds of thousands of other hopeful new business owners, you’re excited, you’re hiring employees—but wait. How do you pay these people? Cash under the table isn’t an option. You want your business to be on the up and up, so what do you do? How does payroll work, and

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After an ICE Raid: Understanding the Deportation Process

Census data collected by the Pew Research Center concluded that 10.5 million undocumented immigrants were living in the United States in 2017. This adds up to 3.2% of the entire country’s population. About a quarter of all the immigrants living in the United States (23%) are living here without documents. The majority of immigrants (77%) are here legally. However,

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