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Make Customized Graduation Cards with Mixbook

Do you want to make your graduation memorable and unique? After a long time of hard work, late nights, and many sacrifices, graduation marks a long-awaited moment of success. It gives you fulfillment and marks the beginning of a life experience of opportunities and challenges. Celebrating it with friends and family makes it even more

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5 Things to Know About Manufacturing Quality Assurance

This might seem counterintuitive, but quality assurance (QA) in manufacturing isn’t entirely about the quality of the product being manufactured. That’s actually quality control (QC), and it forms a critical part of QA. But QA itself is more about the assurance component—not just making quality products, but assuring other people of their quality. ISO 9000,

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Moving to New York City

Millions of people dream about living in New York City, but it takes a lot more than imagination to make that dream a reality. With over 8 million residents, NYC is America’s largest (and most condensed) city. No matter what time of day or what you’re into, there’s always something to do or experience in

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