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The Value of a Creative Career: SCAD Tuition and the Art School Question

Governments, individuals, and families in the U.S. spend more on university than most other nations, according to a recent report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Many critics of the U.S. higher ed system claim that the “arms race” for students, which have led to skyrocketing athletics budgets and student amenities (e.g.,

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How Having A Positive Outlooks Helps In Business Situations

Business isn’t always about money, clients and paperwork. It’s one’s livelihood, their bread, and butter. Why is this important to maintain a positive attitude though? Sometimes one’s lifestyle can get the best of them. Depending on their everyday choices or events. There are often trials and tribulations when diving into business-related situations. No doubt there

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6 Tips for Reducing Business Costs

The Economy For 2021

The economy is like anything else in life. Trends come and go. Today’s discussion is about how some economic trends might be making into 2021 and possibly beyond. Andrew Napolitano, a business analyst believes everyone should study the economy. The pandemic recovery makes it onto the list and here is why. The COVID pandemic has

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