5 Relevant Podcasts for Business Owners

5 Relevant Podcasts for Business Owners

As a business professional, Helen Lee Schifter knows there is no better way to get in tune with the latest developments and trends than through podcasts. With audio content on or under your fingertips, it allows you not only to be informed but also to improve your business. She believes in the past, present, and future of business.

What are Business Podcasts?

Business podcasts are a standard or high-selling marketing tactic. Although they are relatively quick to produce, podcasts have the potential to make a huge impact on their sector. Business podcasts are like newspapers without words. They consist of voice communications and include news, interviews, opinions, and dialogue.

A History of Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for ten years now. At first, podcasts and audiobooks were considered unnecessary distractions for those who commute to work or school every day or those who like to listen to books while doing chores around the house.

Below is the list of five relevant podcasts for business owners:

⦁ The Hidden Brain Podcast

The Hidden Brain is best known for its research on what makes us human. It explores our everyday experiences, what happens to us, and how people think. The podcast by Shankar Vedantam explores social science, behavioral economics, and personal health. A broad understanding is provided for each topic, and Shankar often has a humorous side. It is ideal for those who want to grow personally and gain a general outlook on how people tick.

⦁ Follow the Data

This is the best podcast for those who run small-owned online businesses or are looking to start one. Some regular visitors share their experiences developing successful online businesses on these sites weekly. Their backgrounds cover product development, marketing and sales, analytics, and review topics.

⦁ Duct Tape Marketing

This is a fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs trying to increase their marketing spending on a tight budget. All marketing-related topics have essential material, so it’s worthwhile to look into and pay attention to. While listening to this podcast, you may pick up new marketing trends, including voice search and strategies for standing out from the crowd.

⦁ The Sales Mavens Podcast

The Sales Maven podcast, which Nikki Rausch founded and hosts, is the only business podcast that has altered how we have expanded our business. This podcast brings together experienced sales professionals and provides tips, tools, insights, and real-life stories to help fellow salespeople become more successful. Every episode of the Podcast offers brilliant suggestions, helpful tools, and encouragement for owners and operators of small businesses.

⦁ Startup Hustle Radio

Startup Hustle is a fantastic podcast to check out whether you are considering starting a business or are a current business owner. They cover a variety of subjects, including online shopping, female business innovation, and social media marketing.

According to former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter, podcasts can help you develop professionally and personally. Hearing experiences is a great way to learn, and after you have listened enough, you can apply what you have heard and improve your situation through action.