Benefits of Selling your Home to a Property Group

When you hear about home buying, your mind thinks about a real estate agent or for sale by owner. The two are not the only options in home buying; you can sell to a property group too. A property group, or real estate investor, owns several properties around the area and leases those homes to tenants. If you want to sell your house for cash, you may consider reaching out to a property group.

Stress-free Paperwork

Contracts, closing costs, commission, fees, and a lengthy escrow period muddy the real estate buying process with traditional home purchases. There are agents, the seller, the buyer, the real estate closing attorney, the mortgage lender, and more representatives to satisfy. A property group’s paperwork is simple. Present the property to the group’s representative. The rep makes an offer; you accept it and sign a contract. The rep does the rest.

Speedy Closing Time

It takes three to six months for a home to close with a mortgage. It takes one to two weeks to close with a property group. The difference between the two is the real estate requirements made by the company. The lending company contains separate requirements that must be met to obtain a mortgage such as repairs, appraisals, and creditworthiness. Conversely, the property group has no special requirements. Combine this with less paperwork and the closing process is simplistic. Furthermore, it will accept homes dealing with foreclosure as many real estate agents will not because of the complicated process. If you are having legal problems with home foreclosure, it is vital to seek the advice of a real estate attorney to consider the risks and rewards to any action available and to help you create a Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy.

Flexible Timeline

A real estate company is rigid in the closing date. Once you choose a closing date, you must be out of the house by that date. Because it takes time to process paperwork in real estate, you may not get to close sooner, especially if you need to due to relocation or a family emergency. A property group operates on the timeline you choose. This is beneficial for people who need the home out of their hands within a few days or weeks.

Accept Homes in Current Condition

One formality a property group overlooks is the home’s condition. Companies like accepts homes as-is. The home can be 1 year old or 100 years old in a good or bad neighborhood. The property group doesn’t require an updated kitchen or up-to-date repairs. It can be fire damaged, water damaged, mold-covered, or suffer from sunken floors or a caved-in roof. They will accept the home as-is in its present condition. They can just call in a water damage company to fix it and the property group will take their money to fix and flip the house. They will accept any abandoned items in the home and remove those items for you. Additionally, the property group will buy the home sight unseen, skipping the home inspection.

Flexible Payment Options

A property group pays cash out of pocket to buy a seller’s property. However, they understand that each buyer has different needs, so they are flexible in payment reimbursement. If cash is not an option, the company will obtain your mortgage and continue payments. A second option is a sale-leaseback transaction where the company owns the property and leases the property back to you through installments. Sell my house for cash Nashville gave me the best cash offer in the market.

The benefits of selling to a property group are too advantageous to ignore. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a property group in mind as an option to sell your home. A realtor or real estate agent may not be much help for your situation, so let a property group swoop in and resolve your dilemma.