Benjamin Cory Harow Answers the Question; Where to Travel in Europe?

Covid-19 Restrictions

Covid-19 has put a real damper on traveling in Europe. It is not impossible, just more complicated. A travel agency or an embassy knows this information and even supplies some of the necessary papers. Some countries require Covid 19 tests and a doctor’s certificate within 72 hours of travel. Some require the plans for the length of stay and hotel arrangements, even requiring the hotel be a quarantined hotel specified by them. Check before buying tickets and making plans.

Countries of Ancestry

Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow, a noted physician from Florida travels to Israel each year with his family. In Israel, he is in the army reserves. He and his wife have a vacation home there so they can indulge their love for the country. His travel to Israel began in his younger years, ties developed by going to religious camps. These are two good reasons to travel to another country, both ancestors and religion.

Ancestry draws us naturally to want to discover more about a country. A vacation spent looking up relatives from the past can be a wonderful, satisfying experience, plus there are bonds and interests in the country and its culture.

If religion is the draw, there are always church and religious sites to explore, if you want some ideas check this blog post about the Pishon river location. The European world is filled with old famous churches that are worth a trip to see. It takes a bit of study to find all the things to see but that is interesting.

Countries of Our Interests

Most of us have an interest in some areas; art, cuisine, archaeology, etc. An interesting way to travel in Europe is to go by our hobbies or interests.

The cuisine is a wonderful way to travel, to find fine foods in areas that are known for their recipes. Spain is a fantastic site to find famous eating places in many towns. Best places to try wiener schnitzel in Vienna. We have all heard of the food in France. Some coffee shops have been in existence since the early 1800s, and have not changed at all. Perhaps it would be possible to sit in the very seat where some famous person sat in the past visiting with friends.

Take a canal or riverboat that travels along a route that allows travelers to visit museums or experience art and music in several different countries. Some cruises go along the Blue Danube stopping for two days in Vienna, visiting Budapest, and Salzburg in Austria and Hungary. River trips go down the Elbe River, the Rhine, and the Rhone River. There are many more, some in rustic boats and others that are luxurious, some in more countries and some in more city sites.

Some places have drawn our interest for years by their fame, the roman remains, the pyramids, The Kremlin, even Irish pubs-there are so many. If the vacation allows, a trip to some of these places that have drawn interest through the years is fun but busy. With Travel Masters at airport taxi worthing, you don’t have to walk extra steps with heavy luggage. You can reach your destination a lot sooner with no stops.

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