Best Books for the Beach

Grab Your Kindle, Reading Device, or Book Bag and Head to the Beach with this Stack of Beach Books

Our beach plans may be a bit different from the last year, depending on where you’re located. But don’t let that stop you from catching the precious seasonal sunshine.  

No matter where you are this summer – your local seafront, a sunlit patio, or a poolside lounge. Here’s a great blog article with some of the best beach reads for your summer getaways. In addition, if you want a brand new storytelling experience full of history, romance, and pulse pounding adventure, you might want to have a snail mail subscription.

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan 

After the spectacular success of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan weaves a glamorous story of love and desire. It’s about a young, privileged 19 years old, Lucie Tang Churchill, “hapa” (half Chinese, half WASP) attending her more affluent friend Isabel’s wedding in Capri.  

This beachside story opens with a romance with conflicting emotions after Lucie meets Isabel’s cousin George Zao, also a rich, charming, Chinese-Australian surfer. She resists the attraction she feels for him, but four years later, Lucie and George’s paths cross in New York. Now, however, Lucie is engaged to Cecil Pike. Will Lucie maintain her current path, or risk everything for a once-in-a-lifetime romance?  

Find out what happens in this brilliantly funny comedy. Get your copy of Sex and Vanity on Amazon. 

Angels in the Mist by Ryan Southwick 

Ryan Southwick transports you to the world of androids and vampires with plasma guns in his science fiction, Angels of the Mist. Part of The Z-Tech Chronicles, this book introduces the protagonist, Anne Perrin, an average waitress with psychological trauma who gets thrown into a terrible situation.  

Angels in the Mist is Anne’s story. It shows you her brave spirit through spectacular twists and turns that life takes her through. When a mighty ancient evil is on the loose in San Francisco, the citizens fight back with everything they’ve got – their compassion, conviction, and state of the art technology. Are these amazing characters the only hope to free Anne from her lifelong isolation and fight against an ancient threat? Guess you’ll have to find out. 

With the sea, sun, and sand on your side explore the unseen world of Angels of the Mist – available on Amazon. 

The Jetsetters: A Novel by Amanda Eyre Ward 

Critically acclaimed author, Amanda Eyre Ward, brings you her latest family saga, The Jetsetters: A Novel. The story follows seventy-year-old Charlotte Perkins and her family as they spend ten days traveling after she wins the ‘Become a Jetsetter’ contest. 

The book details the exquisite seaside destinations that we can only dream of at the moment. As the story progresses, they are forced to face their deepest secrets, old wounds, reasons that drove them apart, and the choices that defined them.  

Use this book to relax and reflect as these lost adults find peace. Order your copy of The Jetsetters: A Novel here. 

Say Goodbye And Goodnight By David Ruggerio 

After publishing award-winning cookbooks, chef turned author David Ruggerio is ready to serve us with his second work of fiction, Say Goodbye And Goodnight. This highly anticipated historical romance centers around a young up-and-coming fighter named Anthony Marino.  

The story evolves as Anthony cruises through his life in 1977, Brooklyn. The city had so much more to offer than what meets the eye – the liberating disco music, a community that stood by each other during hard times, and a culture of exploration and acceptance. Eventually, life took a pleasant turn as Anthony found his one true love, Gia. Say Goodbye and Goodnight is the story of their love and the uncertainties that followed.  

Want to dive into this sea of love? Don’t forget to order Goodbye and Goodnight today. 

The Legacy Series: Books 1 and 2 by Brandyn Cross 

Brandyn Cross shares the thoughts and experiences of children that have deep influences on their future through The Legacy SeriesThe Legacy Series is a creative nonfiction story based on the lead protagonist Brandy’s chats with his online friends from the early 90s.  

Brandyn acquired plies of prints from Brandy’s room long after he’d passed away. The plot of the series is laced with real events and some  narration to complete the boys’ stories. It divulges Brandy’s dark secrets as he fights a terminal disease, abuse from his parents, and molestation. Their chats and complex stories are bound to leave a profound impact on you.  

Ready to immerse yourself into the world of this incredible group of young friends? Order The Legacy Book Series: Books 1 and 2, now. 

The Org by Scott Brody 

Scott Brody’s The Org is a story that’s not too far from the reality we face today. This political thriller is set in a near-future where there are food shortages, severe climatic conditions, and increased public unrest.   

The plot thickens with the news of a murder. The charismatic political leader of a small cult EcoPartyUSA, Lee Beloit decides to use this death of one of their members to build a more significant following and fight climate change. Meanwhile, the protagonist, James Roth, a member of the cult and ex-boyfriend of the woman who was killed, is determined to find the culprits. In search of the truth, James unveils things that could ruin Lee’s campaign. The book keeps you hooked until the last page, filled with vulnerable protagonists, nail-biting action, and mystery against a blazing political backdrop.   

You may regret forgetting your sunscreen home, but you will not regret bringing this book for your beach read. The Org, available on Amazon. 

Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur   

Sara Winokur’s Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders will take you through a fire-and-ice Nordic adventure. This suspense fiction engulfs you in the sophisticated biotechnical world of DNA forensics to unravel a murder mystery.    

Meet forensic geneticist, Brynja Pálsdóttir, who uses the national DNA database to solve crimes. A mysterious poem from a medieval manuscript lands on her desk. The clues in the poem lead her on a search for her younger brother, who had disappeared twenty years ago. Soon, more poems arrive, but deadly threats accompany each poem and she is the target. She must crack the twisted puzzle of the poet’s mind and face the dark secret buried in her family’s past. In the midst of this chaos one question remains: is her brother alive…or is it all a trap?  

Dive into a fascinating world that you may not have explored before. Get your copy of the Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders today.  

Clean Water for Developing Countries by John Dracup 

John Dracup’s Clean Water for Developing Countries is a guide for readers to understand how to determine the most suitable ways of providing clean water in a developing nation. John’s civil engineering and hydrology background have enabled and inspired him to write this book. 

Clean water is a basic human need, but millions across the globe still struggle to access it. As temperatures soar and climate crises cause havoc, we must educate ourselves and do our part.  In this book, John illustrates various approaches and case studies to match needs and methods when resources are limited.  

Perfect for a quiet read by the ocean – Get your copy of Clean Water for Developing Countries, today.  

So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite books to read by the beach and watch all the post-lockdown blues fade away under the shimmering sun. For more bookish adventures subscribe to the Books That Make You newsletter.