Best Used Bentleys

Bentleys are relatively uncommon cars and therefore you won’t find much data when searching for reliability surveys on them. Nonetheless, they tend to be slightly cheaper to operate than Porsche and Aston Martin rivals.

The Continental GT is an exceptional example, and can be purchased for significantly less than the cost of a new BMW 3 Series in 2021. And you can definitely sell your Bentley faster if it is one of the models below. No matter the car model you get, make sure that you’re always on top of vehicle maintenance which could include the correction of its wheel alignments.

1. GT3-R

Bentley’s GT3-R stands apart from your typical Continental GT with its limited-edition performance model. This race-inspired Grand Tourer can transform from roadgoing Grand Tourer into true race car. When used properly it excels when thrust through tight hairpin bends with concentration and confidence from its driver.

Bentley Motorsport upgraded their standard 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, ramping it up to 572 horsepower with 516 lb-ft of torque and then cutting weight and adding rear-biased all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, turning their GT3-R into a true track beast.

Interior of the GT3-R is an impressive blend of carbon fiber and fine leather, featuring GT3-R badges on its steering wheel, gear shifter, seats and center console to signify it is limited edition model. Furthermore, rear wing and exhaust pipes are exclusive to the GT3-R which makes for an undoubtedly striking car both on and off track.

2. Continental GT

Bentleys are long associated with luxury, but the Continental GT takes it one step further. First introduced in 2003 and still going strong as new models are released every few years, this grand tourer continues to impress today.

The Bentley exudes sophistication, and this is particularly evident within its interior. Only high-grade materials such as German leather, Italian alcantara, and Koa wood from Hawaii have been used on its Continental GT car – distinguishing it from rival models like Mercedes S-Class Coupe/Convertible as well as Aston Martin DB9/Vanquish models.

Behind its luxurious exterior lies an enormous W12 engine producing over 620 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, giving the Continental GT its powerful edge. While not quite sounding like Motorhead concerts with amps pounding out every note, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony comes to mind while you reach speeds well past posted limits in this car that makes you feel like royalty.

3. Arnage

Bentley’s Arnage luxury sedan was an outstanding full-size luxury vehicle for ten years before Volkswagen Group-owned Bentley discontinued it. Over its lifetime, various engine options were fitted – an early 6.75 litre twin turbo V8 produced 395bhp and 616 lb-ft of torque; many enthusiasts felt this gave the Arnage the performance it deserved after being forced to rely on smaller BMW units during its entire existence.

The Arnage was known for its smooth yet plush ride. Its large windows and spacious cabin allowed easy entry/exit. To add that finishing touch, buyers could opt for a Mulliner-designed interior featuring Final Series kick plates and rear cocktail cabinets from Mulliner, or choose their audio system from Naim for that final touch. When buying used Bentley Arnage models be sure to inspect its body carefully; its tall front end and blunt bumper corners may become damaged over time due to road debris; additionally check its alloy wheels for signs of repainting/kerb damage before purchase.

4. Mulsanne

The Mulsanne is the ultimate Bentley: hand-built to capture British luxury in all its opulence. As one of the largest vehicles on the road and an endlessly customizable palace–it stands as one of Bentley’s crowning achievements – but don’t take its starting price of around half a million dollars lightly.

The entry-level Mulsanne comes equipped with an impressive 6.75-litre twin turbocharged V8, producing 505bhp. This power can propel it quickly from 0-60mph in just 5.3 seconds and on to 180mph – and with optional upgrades from Bentley Mulliner such as lambskin rugs and veneer-framed vanity mirrors you can add even further luxuriousness to the vehicle.

As with the Continental GT, the Mulsanne is a car that creates its own world for anyone fortunate enough to spend time inside it. This results in an incomparably refined yet exhilarating driving experience, where effortless power delivers dramatic flair that only Bentley can provide.