Build your Own In-Car Entertainment System with This Guide

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If you have just purchased your dream car and are looking for the best in-car entertainment, there are separate components that combine to create hi-end audio and video and by building it yourself, you get to save some money.

Here are the components you can acquire from the online in-car entertainment supplier.

  • The Media Player – Often called the head unit, this device supports a wide range of digital platforms; DVD, CD, USB, AM/FM radio and a USB port. There are units that play hi-res video, or strictly audio, depending on your preference. Touch screen is now an industry standard, plus you can find units that are activated by voice command and if you search online for Australia’s leading in-car entertainment supplier, you can choose from brands such as JBL, JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood and Clarion, to name but a few.
  • Power Amp – This is an optional extra, as every media player has an amplifier built in, but if you want some serious bass, a power amp is advised, with a choice of 2, 4 and 5-channel output. A 4-channel amp will crank out 60 watts RMSA to each of the four coaxial speakers, which is a lot of power, enough to make your lungs vibrate. If you have some free time, search online for specific information about hi-end in-car entertainment components and read the product reviews, which are carried by industry experts and give you honest feedback regarding performance. If you are buying a work vehicle, here are a few tips to ensure you are happy with your choice.
  • Speakers – Critical for hi-end sound, four coaxial speakers make for an ideal set up and you can get great deals from the online supplier, with brands like JBL, JVC, Kenwood and Clarion. They need to be mounted correctly and you can buy handy installation kits that contain everything you need for a clean install. The latest generation of coaxial speakers have virtually zero distortion and will provide you with Hi-Fi quality sound in your ride.

In the event you aren’t so confident in self-installation, take the equipment to an in-car entertainment shop, who, for a small fee, would install everything professionally. It isn’t difficult if you follow the step-by-step instructions and you have the necessary tools and a few hours free on a weekend.

Online Forums

Like most things, there are a few online forums for the in-car entertainment enthusiast and joining will allow you to talk to a few experts and tell them the components you are planning to use. Once you get the green light from an expert, go ahead and search online for the best deals and don’t forget to include the installation kits, one for each component, as without these, you won’t be able to complete the install.

Platform & Device Integration

The latest media player would be compatible with your iPhone and you can take advantage of the many great features like Google Maps, with voice activation and connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is worth reading up on the latest tech regarding smart car options and think about installing front and rear cams.