Business Leadership: Koen Vanpraet Shares Authors He Reads To Stay Inspired In Business.

Koen Vanpraet's favorite authors.

Generally, business success is determined by a plethora of factors, and irrespective of your business field, you need to be a business leader with appropriate skills and values in order to thrive. 

In putting this article together, we contacted Koen Vanpraet, a renowned business leader, to share with us some of the best authors he reads to help keep him motivated in business. 

Simon Sinek 

This is one of Koen Vanpraet’s favorite authors. The books he writes greatly resonate with the philosophy of leadership that appeals to Koen Vanpraet. His writing majorly focuses on teaching leaders and organizations how to inspire people. 

Also, his philosophy of leadership is that leaders who develop exceptional mindsets can build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organizations that will lead the rest of us into the future. 

Books by Simon Sinek to check out are: 

Gary Vaynerchuk

Another favorite business author of Koen Vanpraet is Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and internet personality. 

His personal experience in growing his family’s business into a multi-million-dollar company gives credence to the business experience and leadership skills he writes about. His work provides answers to the pressing questions about entrepreneurship, start-ups, and family businesses. 

Books by Gary Vaynerchuk to check out include:

Warren Bennis

He is widely regarded as the pioneer of the contemporary field of leadership. Koen Vanpraet enjoys his work because his core belief for business leaders is to innovate, originate, develop and challenge the status quo. 

Warren Bennis makes it clear that leaders should always strive to do it better than their competitors in business while also being inspiring and emotionally engaging. 

Books by Warren Bennis to check out: 

Stephen R. Covey

He is a renowned leadership author of several international bestsellers. He reveals how you can become a more effective person not only in business but in other aspects as well by honing your skills and developing an understanding of your own definition of success. 

His key messages bother on the need to take care of oneself and maintain emotional and mental well-being. These, he explains, can be achieved by giving yourself the perfect work-rest balance to become a more effective person in the long run.

Books by Stephen Covey to check out for include:

Marcus Buckingham

This is another author that Koen Vanpraet reads to stay inspired in business. Marcus Buckingham is also a motivational speaker and business consultant. He is popularly known as a global researcher and a major authority on what the most effective leaders and highest-performing people do differently to succeed in business.

His books have helped Koen Vanpraet cultivate his business management skills even more.

Books by Marcus Buckingham to check out: