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Trending Kitchen Designs of 2021

It’s no longer a secret that kitchen remodeling is a top priority in every home. Since 2015 the numbers have been increasing, with America recording a whopping 24 million kitchen renovations in this year alone. The following factors are the reason behind this increase. The kitchen is the focal point in every home, unlike before

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How to Get Your Home Summer Ready

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to make some adjustments to prepare your home for the hot months ahead. Your home will probably need additional maintenance to ensure everything is functioning correctly throughout the season.  Starting preparations earlier can help increase the overall safety of your property, improve the efficiency of the components of your

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4 Current Housing Trends to Consider

Just like fashion, the home interior and housing trends are ones that are forever changing. Whether you’re someone who enjoys changing their space on the regular, or perhaps is in need of a change, there are certainly some great housing trends that are worth looking out for this year. Here are four current housing trends

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