Click Clone Cash: Make More NFT Sales With These Tips From NFT Experts

Click Clone Cash: Make More NFT Sales With These Tips From NFT Experts

In the past, there were not many NFT vendors, so it was pretty easy to have been successful in the market. However, nowadays more and more people are entering the space, creating a lot of competition.

The market is almost oversaturated with new creators that are trying to make a quick buck. This competition makes it hard for genuine sellers to stand out from the crowd.

We talked with Click Clone Cash, respected NFT experts that have spent a lot of time selling, and marketing NFTs. Click Clone Cash has a lot of experience helping NFT vendors sell their products, and understand the market more than any other company today.

We asked them for some advice that sellers can use to market their NFTs better and increase their sales and profit. 

Unique Art 

There are many well-created NFTs on the market that looks absolutely stunning. Nowadays, having successful NFT sales relies on more than just beautiful artwork.

In order to sell NFTs, your art has to be unique, not just well-made. Click Clone Cash suggests that there is a balance to be made between uniqueness, and craftsmanship.

If your craftsmanship is more impressive than 99% of the market, then you will be able to sell your NFTs based on the look alone. If not, then you will have to rely on the content, idea, and style.

You can see this balance at play on the marketplace, many of the best-selling NFTs are not exactly pretty, but they are definitely unique. 

most expensive nfts sold

The Backstory Matters 

A lot of users will pay top dollar for an interesting backstory. Collections, especially, will sell for a lot if they are made for a specific reason.

If you have an interesting backstory, market it with your art. If you create an NFT or a collection of NFTs for an interesting reason, then make sure buyers know about it and they will be more likely to buy your NFTs. 

Promote in the Right Places

Marketing is crucial when trying to increase NFT sales. You need to promote across all social media platforms. Screaming in the wind will not help, you need to narrow in on your specific audience.

Think about who your NFTs will appear to and research that market, figure out what forums and groups they hang out in, and promote there. Your promotion needs to seem genuine, and you need to be a part of the community.

If the community thinks you’re trying to infiltrate them just to sell stuff, then they will not want to do business with you. 

Work with Influencers

Influencers are a great way to not only promote your NFTs but to promote them to your target audience. Work with influencers and big names in the community you are trying to reach.

Have them react to your NFTs, and promote them. This promotion will spread your name around and show that your product is good enough for even the biggest names. 

Get Involved

As we mentioned before, you need to genuinely interact with the community. If people see you as one of them, they will want to support you more so than if you are just some outsider.

Engage with the community on social media, start discussions, participate in debates, and just put your name out there in general. If people see you interacting with others on social media and making good points, they will know you’re genuine and care about NFTs and the community, not just looking for a quick cash grab.

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